• Black Eyed Beans
    September 18, 2015

    Black Eyed Beans

    The black-eyed pea or black-eyed bean, a legume, is a subspecies of the cowpea, grown around the world for its medium-sized, edible bean.The common commercial one is called the California Black eye, it is pale-colored with a prominent black spot. A common variation of the black-eyed pea is the purple hull pea, it is usually green with a prominent purple or pink spot.

    Black eyed beans plant

    Black Eyed Beans Plant

    The currently accepted botanical name for the black-eyed pea is Vigna unguiculata subsp. unguiculata, although previously it was classified in the genus Phaseolus.dekindtiana is the wild relative and Vigna unguiculata subsp sesquipedalis is the related asparagus bean. Other beans of somewhat similar appearance, such as the frijol ojo de cabra (goat’s eye bean) of northern Mexico, are sometimes incorrectly called black-eyed peas, and vice versa.

    Black eye beans

    Black Eye Beans

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