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Top Healthcare Blog in India | Daily Health Tips for Healthy & Happy Life

Health is wealth" seems to be a simple phrase, but a deep meaning is embedded in it. " Why is health compared with wealth? Before we discuss this, first, we look into what good health refers to?

Health is wealth" seems to be a simple phrase, but a deep meaning is embedded in it. " Why is health compared with wealth? Before we discuss this, first, we look into what good health refers to?

The state of good health refers to the condition where the people have physical and emotional well-being. Any factor change in lifestyle can lead to a bad health state.

Therefore, we must follow specific daily health tips to stay healthy. There are various natural health tips that, if you follow, the more you will remain healthy. Below are given the directions for how to stay healthy-

Intake of a healthy diet

In everyday life, if you follow a diet with a combination of nutritious fruits, vegetables, nuts, and various essential grains. Every adult needs to consume 400g of fruit and vegetables at least daily. Try to eat food which is fresh as much as possible. Through all this, the chances of risk for various common dangerous diseases like diabetes, heart, cancer, etc., would reduce drastically.

Eat sugar and salt at the limit

Avoid consuming sodium above the particular limit because if taken above that, it would increase the risk of high blood pressure, which can cause brain stroke or any other severe heart disease. Most of the sodium in our body comes through salt. Quantitatively, don’t eat above 5g per day.

Similarly, consuming sugar in excess amount can lead to a significant chance of tooth decay and excessive weight gain. For adults and children, free sugar intake needs to reduce below 10% of the total energy intake per day. Quantitatively, it is about 50g in the case of adults. Avoid eating highly contained sugar derivatives like candies, sugary snacks, and high-sugar beverages.

Leave smoking

If you have a habit of smoking tobacco, it will lead you to the danger of NCDs, which include heart disease, lung disease, stroke, etc. Not only are smokers impacted by this, but also non-smokers come in the exposure to it. The following benefit you can quickly see after you quit smoking are-

After three months, once you quit smoking, blood circulation and lungs begin to function better.

Moreover, as one year passes since you stopped smoking, your risk for heart disease becomes half risky than with the smoking period.

Keep monitoring your blood pressure regularly

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is called the silent killer. It kills unknowingly and instantly. The primary reason is that most people are unaware of the symptoms, treatment, etc.

But if it is not treated well, the problem of hypertension can lead to heart, brain, kidney, and other dangerous diseases. Keep checking your blood pressure; if at any time it seems high, consult with a respected doctor. These are the essential steps in preventing and controlling the cause of hypertension.

Keep your stress level in control

Stress plays a vital role in im-balancing your cardiac health. Stress releases a hormone that raises your blood pressure and heartbeat, which can result in a risk of heart attack or brain stroke. Along with this, it also impacts your cholesterol levels. Thus, handling your stress is a must. You can do it through meditation, yoga, different therapies, etc. By doing all this, you can improve your health for a better for your healthy life.

Drink Safe and Clean water

Drinking unsafe water can cause various waterborne diseases like diarrhoea, hepatitis, typhoid, polio, and many such waterborne diseases. Talking in global aspect, at least 2 billion population drinks water that is highly contaminated with faeces, infection, and life-threatening waterborne diseases.

Make sure the water which you drink is safe and clean. Even if your water is not clean, drink it after boiling. Thus, the remaining viruses and contaminants would burn out from the water, making it entirely safe for drinking.

Properly clean your hands from time to time

It is found that most of the diseases we catch come through our hands only. If your hands are un-hygenic, the chances of getting infected with one or other diseases increase significantly. But you can prevent the spread of infectious diseases in yourself and others by properly cleaning your hands in every short period. Wash your hands with handwash or soap, and rub both hands thoroughly. When you are outside, keep alcohol bases sanitiser to keep your hands infection-free.

Monitor your health through regular checkups

Regular health checkups help people to know about their health status. If any deficiencies or silent diseases are infecting, all of these can be cured by the proper health checkups. Therefore, visit your nearest health centre and make your checkup. Through all the screenings and treatment, you could assess your health condition very well.

Above are given the most helpful daily health tips for the overall better health of the person. The more your healthier lifestyle is yours, the longer and more peacefully you will live.

Skin Care routines tips for women

Especially for women who are more concerned about their skin health and need only fresh foods with beneficial fruits and green vegetables. And talking the essential steps in skin care before starting are-

1. Cleaning face

2. Toning-Make a proper balance in skin

3. Thirdly, moisturizing includes hydrating and softening the skin.

You should know that the goal of every skin-care routine is to tune up all the complexions existing in the skin to boost its functionality. Make all three steps your daily ritual; it would result in glorifying your skin to the next level.

Weight loss tips for women

The continuous gain in weight is one of the major problems among women. And we know that women always want to be slim and fit. Thus, every woman can follow some essential tips to remain fit and healthy for a lifetime.

  • Drink much water as possible you can.
  • Do exercises and cardio regularly.
  • Eat more fibre and proteins.
  • Set a particular schedule for your sleep.
  • Ditch your diet.
  • Set goals for weight loss.

In this health blog, we have seen some of the important health tips for a healthier lifestyle of a person. The more natural you keep yourself, the healthier you would remain. Thus read the points mentioned above and try to make habit of these, you would see a significant healthier change in yourself.

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