• Constipation Diet Plan
    September 5, 2015

    When the waste material or the stool moves very slowly via large intestine, constipation occurs. The feces become hard and dry when they remain in the bowel for prolonged period resulting in infrequent, painful and difficult bowel movements. More often, the problem of constipation do not cause any harm.

    Principle of diet:

    Normal carbohydrates, adequate proteins, low or restricted fat, high fiber, normal vitamins and minerals, excess of fluids should be taken.

    • Coarse bran can be taken as breakfast cereal.
    • High fiber diet should be given which should include whole cereals, fiber rich vegetables and fruits.

    Foods to be included for Constipation diet:

    Carrots, apple, oranges, guava, pomegranate, cabbage, ladies finger, brinjal, peas, beans, kovai, bitter guard, whole grains, bread, rice, pulses, fruit juices, soups, etc.

    Bitter gourd is used as constipation diet

    Bitter Gourd

    Foods to be avoided for Constipation diet:

    Very spicy foods, tea, coffee, excess of alcohol, all this causes irritation to the colon so they should be avoided. Use of laxatives should be avoided as they may lead to excess loss of sodium and potassium.

    Correction of faulty habits:

    Worry, anxiety, fatigue and change in life style may cause stress which in turn leads to constipation. Hence stress should be avoided. They should take more exercises.

    Sample Diet For Constipation:

    Timings MenuServings
    Early morningTea
    1 cup
    2 slices
    BreakfastVegetable dosa
    Lemon juice
    3 no.’s
    1 glass
    Mid morning Pomegranate
    Vegetable soup
    1 no.
    1 bowl
    Lunch Rice
    Cluster beans curry
    2 katori
    1 katori
    1 katori
    1 cup
    Tea time Coffee
    1 cup
    1 serving
    Kovai curry
    Butter milk
    Vegetable salad
    2 katori
    1 katori
    1 katori
    1 cup
    1 serving
    Bed time Skimmed milk1 glass

    Advantages of fiber:

    • Reduces the cholesterol.
    • It controls blood sugar levels.
    • Lowers the risk of heart diseases.
    • Weight loss and management.
    • Lowers risk of hemorrhoids.

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