• Do’s and Don’ts of First Time Sex
    June 19, 2016

    First time sex or intercourse is both scary prospect as well as an exhilarating one. As both of the partners are usually new and first time sex can cause a lot of fear & uncertainty. Individuals should follow few Do’s and Don’ts for having a memorable & scintillating experience during their first intercourse.

    Having first time sex is never as straightforward or simple as most people think or understand. In reality, the hopes generally exceed the experience. In male, it can be over all too soon, without a great deal of fulfillment. Now, let us have a look at first time sex from both female and male perspective & how to tackle this critical time in individual’s lives.

    how to do first time sex

    Couple together

    First time sex in Female

    In female, it can be tense with pain rather than pleasure, and with a fast ending, far from an enjoyable experience. However, with the proper approach, first time sex can be made more satisfied and rewarding rather than tense feeling.

    First time sex in male (Virgin Male)

    Based on individual’s knowledge on sexual experience he will be restricted to masturbation and theory. Neither masturbation nor theory gives a virgin male a first time sexual experience. However, conversations fill the gaps for the first timer who has wrong expectations and misconceptions.

    Virgin Female

    Based on the age of female, she may have or had many clitoral orgasms. A first time sexual experience and “man force” can provide numerous unexpected situations, & feelings. If female hymen is intact, she can feel some real pain as well. If there is not been adequate foreplay, or if she is not having enough lubrication before the male insertion. The female being young will have high expectations. Positively if the act is around 20 seconds, and all she felt was pain & pressure, her romantic hopes will not have been fulfilled.

    First Time Sex Tips

    The following are the some of the tips to make the first time Sex a better experience.

    Give sometime

    Don’t rush. It might take your time, so enjoy the experience. It’s not a race which has to be finished quickly!

    Communicate –

    Many of them might feel awkward to talk about sex with their partner, if you are about to have sex with your partner, you must be able to converse the fact that it’s your first time. This helps in lowering the expectations & makes the experience enjoyable for both the partners.

    Listen –

    If an individual is having first time sex, he or she don’t have a lot of experience. Pay attention to your partner, they might help you in understanding what turns them on & gets them going. It does not mean they had sex earlier many times or experienced, it might be because they are more aware of sexual knowledge than you.

    Practice Makes Perfect –

    If individual’s first time sex isn’t that enjoyable–irrespective of the male or female – don’t be that surprised. It isn’t for most of them. It does get better, however, with lots & lots of practice.

    If an individual pondering to have first time sex, it’s general to be worried. First timers face same sort of anxiety. In order to make your first time experience more memorable and enjoyable follow the below do’s and don’ts:


    • Pay attention to your partner
    • Be comfortable with your partner
    • Say ‘no’ if you’ve changed your mind
    • Build up slowly


    • Forget contraception
    • Do it if you’re too drunk
    • Have very high expectations

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