• Top 5 Healthy Mango Recipes to Make Your Summer More Delicious

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  • How to Make Rice Beer Recipe at Home Easily?

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  • How to Make Raw Mango Juice Recipe(Aam Panna Juice)

    The hot summer season is on. In this unbearable heat, you really don’t know what to drink? Raw Mango juice recipe is the best drink to drink. Some say coffee & tea cools you down whereas others ......

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  • How to Prepare Healthy Homemade Pizza Recipe

    Here you go for the healthy homemade pizza recipe! The times have gone when people really liked ‘Ghar ka khana” and “maa ke hath ka daal”. The tastes have shifted to the fast foods and ......

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Best Healthy Indian Recipes Tips for Quick breakfast, Lunch & Dinner:

Eating right food may not cure the disease or health problem completely. But, it will surely increase the nutrients and other needed minerals in the body which helps in protecting health and body from further harms.


Plus100Years came up with an idea of providing healthy recipes for different meals which are healthy and tasty too. These are the Quick Healthy Recipes which can be prepared by anyone with the ingredients available in the kitchen.

Different Healthy Homemade Recipes by Plus100Years:

  • Healthy Dinner Recipes
  • Quick Breakfast Recipes
  • Healthy Recipes For Kids
  • Healthy Dinner Recipes Indian
  • Healthy Diet Food Recipes
  • Best Cooking Recipes Indian
  • Heart Healthy Recipes
  • South Indian Recipes


Our recipes are made for every individual considering different age groups, gender and the geographical locations. Along with the recipes we provide Healthy Recipes Tips to know the pros and cons of every food recipe along with the benefits of eating those foods.


If you follow our food recipes, no need of killing your taste buds anymore. Because, all our recipes are filled with taste, low calories, organic food items, natural cooking ways, and these are the tested health guaranteed food recipes.


Are you a fitness freak and love to follow a proper food Diet! Then you are at the right place. Plus100Years can proudly say that there are recipes specially prepared for diet. From breakfast to dinner we have various meal menus and a variety of food dishes which are apt for diet foods. Don’t worry! We did not prepare these by our own. These are verified by the best online doctors such as specialized nutrition’s, Dietitians.


Do you know! Food will decrease up to 50% of health issues. So, always consider organic, homemade and Healthy Recipes. We not only provide just healthy food recipes but also include the benefits of each ingredient in every recipe.


Plus100Years provide the best solution for every health problem you have. Consult the top specialist doctors. Get Doctor appointment online and choose the best doctor in your locality. Our doctors are always a step away from solving any sort of issue and guiding towards the best. They are not only meant for treatment but are good supporters and motivators.


Talk to them! Know the situation! Be Strong! Live a happy Life!

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