How many of you have ever come across the books of Robin Sharma? How many of us have read his books?

He’s one of my favorites who’s given me practical insights and has helped me through with easy practical tips in improving my lifestyle by increasing productivity.

From here we get practically proven tips to waking up early.

One of his latest book written by Robin Sharma- named “the 5 am a club” talks about how one can make a productive life and how to wake up early in the morning.

In life, we come across so many situations and instances wherein we are skeptical to try out something new and end up doubting our potential to do something new.

We need at least 5 to 8 hours of sleep according to the Age, Ayurveda and all saying a person needs good sleep for better health

Dream big and wake up early to actualize them || wake up early in the morning

Reasons for not waking up early

However, the creator has given us enough strength to stand the changes we made and the body gets used to it over a period of time.

How many of you whine for waking up early in the morning? Earlier, It was the worst time of my day, when I open my eyes, shut the alarm and get out if the bed.

Waking up early has so many health benefits too. It could also make your lives productive. If you wish to bring in this change in your life, continue reading.

Did you ever know that on an average, a human spends around 10,00,00,000 minutes playing games on smartphones?

That’s so much of your time spent there! Although it is quite unbelievable, we are certainly wasting so much of the precious time.

Did you ever know that we spend half of the day on social media and other channels where our brain sustains too much of activities at a time resulting in a disturbed life?

When our brain gets loaded with too many things, it takes a longer time to filter them according to the priorities and come back to rest.

Hence, this results in a brain that cannot focus. We think that multitasking is a skill and you will improve your life when you hone it.

But unfortunately, science has shown that multitasking would certainly result in less productivity or lower quality task in life.

The distractions that we have around, the interruptions and deviations we have in our mind due to the technology and the gadgets, and the times we waste using all these gadgets play a vital role in putting one’s life on the stake and reducing the chances for having a successful life.

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All these distractions deviate you from reaping the benefits of the best and productive hours. All the fruitful times are yielded during the period when you are engrossed with phone and games.

So here are the quick tips on how you can change your life and make it more productive. Following these tips would not only help you change your habit, but it would eventually result in a better living and a fruitful life.

You’ll probably start adoring your life and can weave an ideal life that others would also want to try out.

Tip 1:

Making up your mind

For doing any task, you need to be prepared mentally. Keep talking to yourself. Read motivational books. Watch videos that would drive more energy in you to do more in life.

Try reading Robin Sharma's “The 5 am a club”, “The monk who sold his Ferrari”. There are so many out there.

All these would give you a positive vibe for trying out something new that you have never done all your life.

Waking up 4 am would be something next to impossible for you when you hear it. But believe me, it would be one of the best things that you’d ever do in life and you’ll thank me for this.

Tip 2:

Healthy lifestyle

Eat healthy food. Do not binge on junk food. Reduce screen time and try meditation. Avoid using the phone and any other gadgets while going to bed. Your mind needs relaxing before it gets into snooze mode.

Include lots of greens and vegetables in your diet. Ensure that you do not eat a heavy meal like biryani for dinner. You’d never feel to get out of your bed if you do so.

Tip 3:

Early to bed, early to rise

It makes it easier for you if you go to bed early. A human needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep in a day. You can try taking short naps during the noon post lunch.

Conclusion :

Our Ancient Health Practices (Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Siddha and Unani )  and modern science is saying humans need sufficient sleep with proper timings -we follow to live long happily “ Early to Bed and early to Raise “ 

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