Getting pregnant is a God’s gift to most of the women, a pride to successfully bring another living being to the world. Every woman, expect to conceive some or the other time in her lifetime. However, planned contraception is a joyful thing, and unplanned can be trauma.

Pregnancy is welcomed by them but at a right time. Thus, they look out for the measures to avoid pregnancy at that moment.

Are you thinking that you might get pregnant in spite of precautionary measures? Well don’t panic, thankfully, nothing is lost. Many effective home remedies prevent unwanted pregnancy naturally.

Best Home Remedies To Avoid Pregnancy:

Many women seek ways to succeed in avoiding pregnancy. There are many ways to prevent pregnancy, however, there is no guarantee that they work without any side effects. Here, we have listed out few tips on home remedies to avoid pregnancy safely.

1.Parsley (Ajamoda):

Parsley is the most effective home remedies to avoid pregnancy || Parsley is the most effective home remedies to avoid pregnancy

Parsley is considered as the most effective home remedies to avoid pregnancy naturally.

  • You can find Parsley herb easily, and it is used in the form of herbal tea
  • Further, the best thing is, it doesn’t have any sort of side effects since it is so mild.

2.Cotton Root Bark (Kapas ki jar ka chhilka):

Cotton plant roots stimulate the release of the hormone oxytocin that results in childbirth – an effective way to avoid a pregnancy.

  • Take dried root, cut into pieces, and add to a cup of tea or brewed them in hot water, & consume it for at least 2 times a day.

3.Angelica (Choraa):

Also, known as Dong Quai, and is considered as another effective natural home remedy for unwanted pregnancy.

This herb stimulates uterine contractions, it can be most useful when consumed within 2 weeks of last sexual intercourse.

4.Mugwort (Indian wormwood):

Mugwort is a leafy plant that looks similar to parsley.

  • Dry this plant and consume with a cup of water to naturally avoid pregnancy.

This herb can cause renal failure if its consumption overdoses. Thus, ensure to take it in a limit and avoid it if you are experiencing any kidney problems.

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5.Pennyroyal (Spearmint):

Since ancient times, Pennyroyal is used to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Add dried bits of herb to tea, & start with a minimum intake to decrease the risk of harmful effects.

However, it is suggested to get medical advice before the intake of this herb as it acts as a strong poison if consumed in the wrong dosage.

6.Blue Cohosh:

  • Another herb that stimulates the oxytocin release is Blue.
  • Pieces of dried blue cohosh are brewed in the tea and consumed for 2-3 times daily.

However, it is suggested to get medical advice before consuming the herb. Ensure, to intake limited dosage a maximum of 4 cups per day.

7.Black Cohosh:

Black cohosh looks like blue cohosh, & it is used to the natural prevention of pregnancy.

  • This stimulating the oxytocin release which in turn, results in uterine contractions & avoids pregnancy.

8.Dried Apricots:

Dried apricots are one of the best ingredients to prevent conception in a few cases. However, they should not be consumed when the pregnancy reports are positive.

  • Mix 100gm of dried apricot with 2 tsp of honey & water. Boil this for 30 minutes and consume one cup. This remedy not only controls birth but also cures excessive bleeding.

Apricots || Apricots is one of the home remedies to avoid pregnancy

9.Dried Fig (Anjeer):

Consuming dried fig after the intercourse aids in controlling birth.

  • Intake 2 to 3 dry figs each day, which also aids in blood circulation. However, an overdose of it may affect the stomach.


Papaya aids in controlling birth and unwanted abortion. Eat it right after your intercourse, as it helps in preventing pregnancy.

  • Consume it for a minimum of two times a day for around 3 to 4 days.
  • Avoid the intake of this fruit if the pregnancy test is positive.

Try the aforesaid, home remedies to avoid pregnancy naturally without any side effects. 

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