Yoga for Hair Growth

We are living in an era where stress is the most common things of all for every human. We so buy and engrossed in the world and the surrounding that we tend to forget to take care of ourselves.

We are pushing our limits harder and making our lives tougher each day.  It certainly takes a toll on our health and our body.

But do we bother to care? Only when we are into something serious, we take care of our body and then regret at that time for not taking care all these days.

Until then we let our body take everything it comes into and completely neglect its importance. We can never deny this.

yoga for hair growth || yoga for hair growth

Is stress the main cause?

Whether you believe or not, stress is one such issue that is the root cause for so many problems. There are innumerable diseases and problems in our body that arises due to stress.

Some of them could be related to mental health, physical health, heart disease or it might also cause high blood pressure.  It would be easily visible on your face.

Your hair fall could also be due to the imbalanced and improper diet intake. There would be enough nutrition in your body to supply to your organs and thus to your scalp and thus it damages your hair growth and its development.

To add on, there are various products that are appealing in the market and at the same time, they are very harmful to your body, skin, and hair. It has chemicals and thus damages your hair. Other reasons for hair fall include extensive exposure to UV rays, smoking, genetic disorder, a hormonal disorder etc.

Massaging the scalp

Hair fall problem is not just confined to the woman. They also exist in men, and children too. It is said that massaging your scalp can help the growth of hair and at the same time, it will increase the circulation of blood and thus enhancing the growth and development of hair. It will also help in strengthening the roots and nourishes the hair.

Yoga – the rescue!

There are various beauty products that are easily available in the market and shops. They are alluring and expensive. But do they guarantee the results? Do those products guarantee no side effects? Absolutely not.

Hence why not try out something that is very simple, zero cost and 100% effective? Surprised? We are talking about yoga here.

It is said that yoga helps in regulating the blood circulation in the body and thus improves it. Yoga also helps in promoting hair growth and helps in nourishing them.

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How does yoga help in hair growth?

There are no side effects when it comes to yoga and you can expect guaranteed results.  But do you know how yoga helps in hair growth? Have you ever tried it?

Yoga actually helps in reducing anxiety and stress from the body. Thus relaxes the body and helps the body to nourish and regulate. This, in turn, helps in reducing the hair fall.

  • When there is not enough blood circulation in the scalp, it results in hair loss. Thus yoga helps in developing and enhancing the blood circulation in the scalp and thereby reduces the cause of hair fall due to improper circulation of blood on the scalp.
  • Yoga helps in removing toxins and waste materials from the body. This enhances hair growth and reduces hair fall.
  • Yoga helps in more consumption of oxygen by the scalp and head.
  • Yoga helps in the absorption of nutrients by the head in an effective way.
  • Yoga helps in improving the digestion and regulating the metabolism in the body. It thus helps in the absorption of food in a better way and thus reduces hair loss.
  • Yoga helps in maintaining peace, harmony and relieves physical and mental stress. Thus helps his body to function a lot better.

The types of yoga for hair growth:

1.Anuloma viloma:

This should be done for at least 5 minutes every day with complete concentration and focus. For this type of yoga, you need to sit straight with closed eyes. The pose preferred should be padmasana. While sitting in this posture, ensure that you rest your palms on your knees.

Using your thumb from your right hand, close the right nostril and breathe in as much air as you can from the left nostril. Now, remove the thumb placed on your right nostril and breath out.

Now repeat the same with the left nostril. Place your left middle finger on the left nostril and close it. Inhale from the right nostril and then breath out.

This should be repeated for about 5 minutes and do it with complete concentration and focus. This type of yoga helps in the improvement of lungs functioning.

It also helps in the curing of depression. It is said that this yoga helps in relieving stress and tension which helps in reducing hair fall.

2.Kapalbhati pranayama:

This is a very simple and very effective yoga. All that you have to do is, sit with a relaxed body and closed eyes. Ensure that you sit straight and maintain a good posture while doing this.

Now inhale as much oxygen as you can and take a deep breath. While doing this you should feel your lungs filled with air. Once done, exhale the air and breathe out feeling some pressure in the stomach.

Keep repeating this for at least 5 minutes. This helps in improving the blood circulation and gives a shine to your face. It also adds to the beauty and helps in reducing the dark circles.

This can be used for curing and relieving oneself from stress. This yoga helps in maintaining the body and also improves blood circulation thus helping in the reduction of hair fall.

3.Surya Namaskar:

This is actually a set of 12 poses of yoga put together and it is called Surya Namaskar. It is like a pack of yoga poses. This is a very effective type of yoga and helps in relieving and curing so many ailments. Some of the main benefits of Surya Namaskar includes the following:

  • Helps in weight loss and reducing fat near the belly
  • The circulation of blood is increased in the entire body
  • Ventilation of the lungs is done and it also helps in maintaining the oxygen in the blood.
  • It is very good for the heart and nerves.

Helps in reducing hair fall due to the maintenance of stress level in the body

  • Toning, flexing, and stretching of body muscles can be done easily with this.

Effective Yoga Poses for Hair Growth || Effective Yoga Poses for Hair Growth

4.Balayam yoga:

This is a very simple and easy technique that was introduced by Baba Ramdev. This does not require any place and time and you can do it anywhere irrespective of the location, pose you are in.

All that you need to do is rub your one hand’s fingernails against the other hand. This helps in stimulating the blood circulation in the body and thus helps in the curing of premature grey hair.

You can leave the thumb. Only the fingers are to be used. It is also important that you follow a healthy diet and keep yourself active in order to see the results of this yoga and exercises.

The above mentioned are some of the useful tips and techniques of yoga and its types for healthy hair growth.  It also helps in reducing premature grey hair

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