Weight gain creeps up you very slowly. The sign you notice about weight gain is through your pants that become a bit tighter around the waist or your shirt that becomes a bit “snug” around the belly area. No one wants to look fat with a huge tummy, thus after recognizing the weight gain people start starving to lose weight.

Contradiction to the above-mentioned statement, the fact is remaining starving is not at all a suggested option for losing weight, as it leads to various other complications.

There are many home available foods to get slim. With the proper intake of those nutritional foods, one can gain slim body healthily, stress-free without starving.

weight loss

Complications of heavyweight:

Too much of heavyweight leads to several health issues, which can’t be combat easily. The following are the causes of heavy weight gain.

  • Diabetes
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Hypothyroidism  

Further, menopause, contraceptive pills, and medicines result in increased weight gain. However, weight gain problem can be cured with home remedies

Home remedies to get slim and perfect body

Adding, nutritious foods to the daily diet, promotes weight loss & reshape the body without letting off the regular diet. These foods nourish the body and make you feel more balanced, energetic, slim & calm.

The following are few home remedy foods to get slim within few weeks:

Wheat Grass:

One of the health promoting and fat fighting foods are Wheatgrass. Wheatgrass contains amazing nutritional values, which are a good source of dietary fiber & protein. Fiber content foods help in losing weight.

This chlorophyll-rich food aids in body detoxification & better blood circulation. Also, it reduces bad cholesterol levels and melts away unwanted fats and aid in maintaining a slim body.

Wheatgrass usage for slim body

Take a bunch of wheatgrass into the blender and, add a glass of water to grind it. Strain the juice into a glass, then add half freshly squeezed lemon juice and half tsp of black pepper. Drink this liquid twice a day to lose weight. 

Black Cumin

Black cumin tops the chart of miracle spices for weight loss. It is considered as an excellent nutritional source. Also, it contains high iron content and black cumin seeds prevent anemia and boosts energy. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties of black cumin fuel the fat burning process & controls blood sugar levels.

Black Cumin usage to Get Slim Body

Take a glass of water and pour it into the saucepan, once the water starts boiling, add a tbsp of black cumin seeds, and allow it boil on low flame for 5 minutes. Then, Strain the water into a cup, add honey and drink it warm. For best results consume this drink twice a day.


Ashwagandha—an Ayurvedic herb not only relieves stress but also burns fat. It protects the body from a number of diseases and improves metabolic function & ids in losing weight.

Ashwagandha usage to get slim Body

  • Take 2-3 leaves of Ashwagandha plant and crush them. Now, consume it with a glass of warm water. Do this regularly for 2 weeks to lose weight.
  • After meals, it is suggested to consume half tsp of Ashwagandha powder mixed in a cup of warm water.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar(ACV) is an amazing source of pectin fiber that reduces appetite and lowers blood sugar level & aids in body weight reduction.

Apple Cider Vinegar usage for Slim Body

  1. Mix a tbsp of unfiltered apple cider vinegar, half tsp of cayenne pepper & one tsp of honey in a glass of warm water and have it daily.
  2. Mix 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to one-litre water bottle and have a sip in a small cup before every meal, follow this thrice a day.


Lemon’s is considered as an ideal fat burning and low-calorie foods. Lemon is a good source of vitamin C – an energy booster as well as a very powerful antioxidant. Lemon juice flushes out toxins and fat from the body and helps in achieving a slim, toned figure.

Lemon usage to Get Slim Body

  1. Take a glass of warm water and add 1/2 freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1/2 tsp of pepper and a tsp of honey or maple syrup. Drink it 10 minutes prior to having breakfast & after having lunch. Repeat this twice a day for up to 2 weeks for fast weight loss.
  2. Alongside, with aforementioned foods, green tea, Aloe vera, Chia seeds, and apple also helps in burning fat by keeping you fit and slim.


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