Ayurveda is a natural form of treatment that originated a considerable time back, around 3,000 years ago. The term Ayurveda is composed of two Sanskrit words- Ayur(life) and Veda(for knowledge). Thus summing its meaning, Ayurveda means the knowledge of life. Ayurveda helps treat the person's physical, mental, social, and spiritual benefits.

According to the idea they believe, the disease is an overall result of imbalance or stress in a person; they made their treatment in such a way that which encourages good lifestyle and natural therapies which can benefit them to regain their balance in all parts of the body that included whole body, mind, spirit and the environment all-around.

Ayurveda or simply the science of life is one of the prominent systems of medicine that has provided a different level of importance to the lifestyle of individuals.

In Ayurveda treatment, the first step is internal purification, followed by massage therapy, herbal medicines, a unique diet plan, yoga, medication, etc. In recent years, Ayurveda has emerged as one of the most followed medications worldwide.

What is Aradhana Ayurveda Wellness and Research Center?

Aradhana Ayurveda Wellness and Research Center is one of the prominent Ayurvedic hubs in a unique location spreading over about 10 acres. Along with the ayurvedic treatment facilities, the extensive facility of comfortable accommodation is also provided in this center. Most importantly, the place is covered with a beautiful serenity and greenness, which helps the mind and body regain power.

Additionally, the geographical location possesses many benefits to reach their center primarily for people in Telangana, Vidarbha, and Marathwada region. The exact location of the center is 24kms from the site of the temple town of Basara, which is very close to NH 61 leading route of Maharashtra.

Popular Wellness Packages of Aradhana Ayurveda

As we know, our lifestyle has worsened in this era. Thus, diseases are increasing more and more. Therefore, to deal with all kinds of conditions in natural medications of Ayurveda, Aradhana Ayurveda currently has multiple effective wellness packages for all age groups' recovery.

List of Wellness Packages includes-

  • Slimming Package (STHOULYA)
  • Stress Relieving Package (MANAHSHANTHI)
  • Immune Booster Package (SWASTHYA)
  • Detoxification Package (SHODHANA)
  • Rejuvenation Package (RASAYANA)
  • Skin and Hair Care Package (KAYA)
  • Women’s Health Package (NAARI)
  • Eye Care Package (DHRUSHTI)
  • Healthy Progeny Package (SUPRAJA)

What is Panchakarma?

Panchakarma is one of the unique initiatives in Ayurveda treatment, which has five steps for internal purification of the body, following the best and nearest steps to gain results as early as possible. In Panchakarma, a comprehensive therapy would help promote, prevent, and cure diseases naturally and quickly.

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Specialized Panchakarma Therapies
  • Vamana
  • Virechana
  • Basti
  • Nasya
  • Raktha Moksha
  • Agni Karma
  • Abhyanga
  • Swedana
  • Shastika Shali Pinda Sweda
  • Pizhichil
  • Tarpana
  • Shirodhara
  • Greeva Vasti
  • Kati Basti
  • Janu Basti
  • Uttara Basti
  • Hrud Basti

Special Treatments of Aradhana Ayurveda

In Aradhana Ayurveda, we offer multiple treatments for the most common diseases with which people are suffering. Some of the famous unique treatments are given below:

  • Spine & Joint
  • Skin, Hair, and Beauty Care
  • Anorectal
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Mental Disorders
  • Women’s Health
  • ENT & Eye Disorders
  • Pediatrics
  • Gastro-Intestinal
  • Urogenital Diseases
  • Respiratory Disorders

Contact Aradhana Ayurveda and get an appointment immediately WhatsApp  +91 9398601060

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