We love our children a lot. We provide them everything like branded dresses, corporate education, modern environment, transportation, assets and many more but we do not generally take care of their Health or healthy lifestyle outside the home .

This little negligence effects their future healthy life. Here are few bad habits that highly effects our Children Health

give healthy food1.Using Plastic water bottles to school. This is one major bad thing that is highly affecting our child health. Many times we observe that children using normal mineral water bottles for their daily schooling purpose. Some types of plastic water bottles can contain chemicals that may leach into your drinking water.

These chemicals can cause Obesity,Brain disorders and even cancer. So try to stop using cheap water bottles. Instead, use Steel water bottles for your child.

2.Stop providing lunch or snacks in Plastic box / container. Using hot food in plastic boxes melts the plastic contents and chemicals in to food which is very dangerous to our child health. Try to use stainless steel light weight lunch box for your Child and use steel spoon.

3.Provide homemade snacks in their box . Most of the Parents purchase snacks for their children frequently. Some times daily multiple types like Chocolates, Junk food and many more eatables are provided as snacks. Most of them are made with low quality ingredients and use many Chemicals to give out attractive colors and yummy taste.

This is highly effecting on our child life and future health. So many children are not going to schools, suffering from frequent flue, cough,fever, stomach pain, and vitamin deficiency etc. Try to allocate proper time for your child and prepare healthy recipes at your home naturally and organically.

4. Wasting valuable time with Electronic gadgets. It is a common thing now a days. Many children are spending hours of valuable time in front of Television, watching or playing games .This leads to Obesity, eyesight related issues and many more .

Parents must encourage their Children at least 1 hour a day to play outside or provide physical activities. It burns calories,tone the body and control weight.More over this improves metabolic activity and they get sound sleep.

5. Parents have become busy and not spending enough time with their children. In 21stCentury, everyone is busy with their career goals ,business goals, bank asset goals etc. With our busyness, we are spending very less time with our children .

This is also Highly effecting on their mental and physical health. Its our responsibility to speak to them, observe them what they are really doing, their character , educate and guide them properly, plan tours with children, eat with Children to know their eating trend, ask them about their needs. Because if we interact in this way, they feel confident and develop positive attitude towards everything.

6.My 2 years old daughter loves ice cream!! Not only my Child, every child likes Ice Cream. Too much eating of ice creams and habituating to the outside foods badly effects on our child.It causes obesity, Cough, Asthma, Pneumonia. Most of the ice creams made with non-organic dairy products.

Prefer Quality and natural ingredients based ice creams. If not sometimes prepare ice cream with milk and other ingredients at your home and serve them. After all, we are the only persons concerned about their well being and healthy life. Its also our responsibility to produce a healthy next generation.

Thanks for Reading this Post

Written by: Pavan Kumar Elkoochi & Chandra Shaker Elkoochi

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