School put lots of stress on children's and they get sick so often. Thus, staying healthy in school is vital for children to grow fit and healthy. Most of the parents worry about their child that he or she is sick all the time.

In the early years of school, due to a childrenless immune system or resistance power, they are prone to various diseases or illnesses. After all, children in large groups liable to simply spread organisms that cause illness or other ailments.

Parents usually expect lots of stories, worksheets, and art projects from their children over the day. But, they might carry in something far less pleasing, such as fever, cough or a head full of lice.

How infections spreadstaying healthy in school

Viruses are the cause of a number of illnesses. When a child coughs or sneezes in the classroom, the other children sitting nearby breathe in the infected droplets and this is how cold spreads.

Or possibly when a child suffering from diarrhea uses the toilet & returns to the classroom without washing hands, then also there is a probability of spreading infections.

Tips on how to stay healthy in school

School is a place where children grow cognitively learn new things and develop various social skills, & become independent.It is also a place where children pick germs and other ailments illnesses, to their home.

By spending a lot of time in classrooms, children transfer their infections to one another. However, by teaching some vital healthy habits, parents help their children in staying healthy in school.

The following are the best tips for children to stay healthy in school:

Wash hands frequently:

Hand-washing is one of the simple and effective ways to stay healthy in school. Ask your child to wash his or her hands prior to eating & after using the toilet, playing outside or blowing his or her nose.

Use sanitizer:

It is suggested to give alcohol-based hand sanitizer to your child to keep his or her desk clean out of germs. Ask your child to use the sanitizer prior to eating and after using a shared computer mouse, water fountain, pencil sharpener or other objects.

Boost your immune system:

Maintaining child's immune system strong is an essential way to stay healthy in school and ward off illness. By following few tips, one can reduce child's risk of getting flu, colds and other infections.

Cover mouth & nose while coughing or sneezing:

Habituate using tissues for your child.

Inspire your child to sneeze or cough into a tissue then throw the tissue in the trash, and wash his or her hands using hand sanitizer. Ask your child to keep hands away from eyes and mouth. Warn them that hands are frequently covered in germs.

Avoid sharing food, water bottles, and other personal items:

Ask your child to follow a simple rule, if he or she put the item in the mouth, keep it by them. To stay healthy in school, it is vital for your child to intake a healthy diet &gets plenty of sleep.

Children should have a proper diet plan in order to stay healthy in school.

  • Early morning at 7.30 AM, child should have 1 glass of milk and 4 Almonds
  • During breakfast at 9.30 AM, child should have 1 k Poha/ 1 k Upma/ Sandwich
  • For lunch at 1.30 PM, child should have Mix veg paratha with chutney or vegetable Franky + 1 Chikki or 1 laddo
  • In the evening at 4.30 PM child should have Milkshake (Any), Khakra/ bhel/ sprouts
  • At dinner, child should have 2 phulka + daal or Rice+ 1 k Vegetable+ Daal 1 k+ Vegetable 1 k at 9.30?
  • Late Night, it is suggested to have milk with turmeric powder or dry fruit powder

Foods to intake

Fruits, green vegetables, vegetables, pulses, whole grains, egg, milk, nuts, chicken, oilseeds, milk & milk products.

Foods to Avoid

Extra sweets, processed food, fried food, butter, packed foods, cream, margarine, mutton, meat, mayonnaise, fried chicken etc.

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