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Diet Based On Blood Group - Know its Myth or Fact

Diet Based On Blood Group - Know its Myth or Fact

Written By: Dt.Hetal Mehta

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We hear a lot about various types of diets in the name of good health. People generally think, more restricted diet - better health. 

Blood Groups

One of them is "Blood type Diet"...which says some foods (anti-blood group foods) contain Lectin which can react with the blood causing agglutination and hence, various health problems. 

In fact,  on the contrary,  there is no such study showing any kind of health hazards in people following anti-blood group diet as these antigens (lectins) are not so life threatening and are easily flushed out from our body by our immune system. 

However, if we follow the blood type diet for a long-term (which is highly restricted in food groups), one can face various nutrient deficiencies or toxicity which can in turn definitely lead to fatal health problems. 

So, to maintain good health, it is very crucial to include all the food groups in balanced proportions and required amounts (as per the age, sex and activity) and maintain nutritional balance in our body and avoid restricted Diets. 

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