There are numerous benefits of lauki juice or bottle gourd as it is mostly made up of 92% water. But there are hardly few people who know the benefits of this vegetable and have it in their diet. Majority of the people don't know it and many don't use it in their cooking.

There are various ways in which the bottle gourd is used in the food. Many cook it and mix it with any non-veg and some have it as soup. It is good if consumed as juice.

There are many fascinating health benefits of lauki juice. If you wish to know the benefits and how you can get in all its benefits, you can read on further to know more.

bottle gourd juice

Benefits of lauki juice:

Cooling effect:

Since it is majorly made up of water, it gives you a cooling effect. It really helps a lot to maintain the body temperature and the ph. balance during summer.

During the summer season and sunny days, we usually sweat a lot and thus dehydration happens. In order to hydrate you could drink a glass of lauki juice.

Sleeping disorder:

Lauki juice helps in ruling out the sleeping disorder. One can make a juice or a mixture of lauki juice and sesame oil and consume it on a daily basis.

Healthy heart:

Lauki juice helps to regulate the blood pressure and thus helps in keeping the heart healthy and sound.

Hair greying:

If you wish to get rid of grey hair or if you don't want that to happen in your mid-thirties, drink a glass of lauki juice every day.

Anti-dandruff treatment:

If you are tired of dandruff and if you have tried everything else people say and if you still have not got rid of it, then make sure you use the lauki juice. Lauki juice, when massaged on the scalp, helps it to get hydrated and removes all the dead skin and layers that's on it.

Reducing stress:

Lauki has antibilious and also natural sedative properties in it. Thus lauki juice helps in reducing stress and if this is consumed on a regular basis, one can easily get rid of stress.

Controlling the blood pressure:

If you are a blood pressure patient, you can easily keep it in control by drinking a glass of lauki juice every day.

Control diabetic:

If you are a diabetic patient, then make sure you add lauki juice to your diet every day.

Weight loss:

This helps in reducing weight and by drinking it on a daily basis would help you reduce weight.

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The kidney and liver inflammation can be reduced easily with the help of lauki juice.


If you are suffering from diarrhoea, make sure you drink lauki juice with a pinch of salt. This helps in relieving from diarrhoea easily.


People who are suffering from constipation problem, can easily get rid of it by drinking a glass of lauki juice every day. Since lauki is majorly made up of water and fibre, it helps in the digestive process and helps in reliving constipation.

Urinary tract infection:

If you are suffering from urinary tract infection, make sure you drink a glass of fresh lauki juice. Add few drops of lemon to it. This is one of the best remedies for urinary tract infection.

For a smooth and beautiful skin:

Lauki is majorly known for its cleansing property. If you are tired of the oily skin or the pimples on your skin, you should probably drink lauki juice every day in order to cleanse your skin and get a fresh skin.


There are various health benefits of lauki juice and one can reap them all by just consuming a glass of lauki juice every day! It is very simple to have a healthy and happy life and we ignore it and suffer with pains and diseases.

So next time you see lauki in the market, pick up as many as you can. But ensure that they are not bitter and they should taste sweet as bitter lauki would cause diarrhoea and stomach disorder.

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