Herbs and spices play a vital role especially in our Indian kitchen and our dishes are incomplete without these special ingredients. But, do you know, they have multitudinous health benefits along with flavoring the food dishes?

Join with us! Let’s check the 15 influential herbs and spices for weight loss recommended by Dietitians and Nutritionists

Top 15 Herbs and spices for Weight Loss:


Turmeric the renewed spice which adds flavor to any dish included with infinite health benefits. It contains a Curcumin chemical which has proven its health benefits by various scientists around the globe.

Scientific Talk:

According to recent research held around the globe claimed to lose weight rapidly if turmeric is consumed for a month every day. The Curcumin helps in fat burn and improves the digestive system.

Turmeric tea || Herbs and spices for Weight Loss

2.Cayenne Pepper:

It is a kind of chili pepper and famously used to dose the flavors in various cuisines. A compound named “capsaicin” has its signature heat which helps with various health benefits.  It reduces the levels of ghrelin, which stimulates the hunger.s

Scientific Talk:

As per a few types of research, it has the capability to boost metabolism which helps in burning fat. A study in the USA conducted an experiment with 25 people and saw amazing results of weight loss by eating cayenne pepper every day.


Ginger the most ingredient used in various forms. It is often used in different types of natural and ayurvedic medicines. It has the ability of fat absorption and decreases appetite.

Scientific Talk:

As per research conducted in university among multiple countries ginger has aided in weight loss with numerous health benefits. A major study on human, animal and test-tube studies declared a healthy weight loss with everyday intake of ginger.

4.Black Pepper:

Black pepper is the native of an Indian family of an upper nigrum, a flowering vine. It contains piperine compound which helps in lowering weight.

Scientific Talk:

Experiments and study held on animals proven to lose weight in lesser time by consuming black pepper peperine compound every day. Also, a test-tube study held by a group of scientists confirmed that the fat-cells are inhibited by consuming black pepper.


Fenugreek derived from “Trigonella foenum-graecum” most commonly seen in household spices. It helps in weight loss by controlling the appetite.

Scientific Talk:

A study held among 18 people in a university by giving them 8-10grams of fenugreek supplements per day. The result says the fenugreek fiber has reduced the hunger by controlling the appetite. Hence, gradually it helps in weight loss.


Oregano is the family of other herbs like mint, basil, thyme, sage, and rosemary. It is a perennial herb which reduces weight by controlling the LDL cholesterol. It contains carvacrol component which boosts energy and weight loss.

Scientific Talk:

Researches are being held on the levels of weight loss by consuming Oregano. Studies declared a specific weight loss by controlling the fat. A study held in mice by making them in 2 groups one with containing carvacrol component and another with normal food. The carvacrol component consumed mice are having less body weight compared to normal ones.


Ginseng is a Chinese medicinal herb and a plant which has health-promoting properties. It alone can be categorized into various types of ginseng plant like Korean, Chinese, American and many geographical areas.

Scientific Talk:

A small study declared the quantified weight loss by consuming Korean ginseng twice a day in short spam. Still, researches are implementing high quality, and in-depth study on ginseng family to know special weight loss qualities of ginseng.

8.Caralluma Fimbriata:

Caralluma Fimbriata is mostly used in diet pills in the medical industry. It increases the levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter which affects the appetite and lowers the hunger.

Scientific Talk:

A 15-week study held by a University in the UK claimed that people who ate Caralluma Fimbriata every day decreased belly fat compared to normal people.

Herb for weight loss || Herb for weight loss

9.Gymnema Sylvestre:

The Gymnema Sylvestre is an herb which is often used in natural medicines and also helps in lowering blood sugar levels along with reducing weight. It contains a gymnemic acid compound which lowers the sweetness carvings among us.

Scientific Talk:

A one month study held on animals proved with weight loss benefits along with other health benefits. Scientific researchers are still under process to identify various health benefits of using Gymnema Sylvestre.


Cinnamon is extracted from the tree called “Cinnamomum genus.” This herb is filled with multiple antioxidants with added health benefits. It can lower sugar levels, reduce blood pressure and even control the hunger by reducing appetite.

Scientific Talk:

As per recent studies, Cinnamon controls sugar levels and reduces the intake of insulins. It also controls LDL cholesterol and cleans body fat. 


Cumin is made from grounded seeds of Cuminum cyminum, a plant which is a parsley family. It is a pack of flavors used in various dishes. It helps in accelerate weight loss and fat burning process.

Scientific Talk:

An experiment made of women by giving them yogurt with cumin every day lost at least 5 kgs in a month. Another research done among adults proved to lose weight of 1 kg in a week.

12.Green coffee bean extract:

This green coffee bean extract is profound in various weight loss pills and supplements and widely used in various fat burning treatments.

Scientific Talk:

According to various studies drinking green coffee twice a day will lowers fat content in the body and reduces body mass index (BMI) and decreases belly fat even though there is no change in food habits.

13.Guggul Extract:

Guggul is also known as guggul, devadhupa, Guggulu Sudha and Balsamodendrum mukul. It is a gum extracted from a native Indian tree called Commiphora mukula. It is used among various ayurvedic and traditional medicines.

Scientific Talk:

A USA based researchers studied on guggul extract health benefits and came up with various benefits like thyroid control, blood pressure normal, diabetes decreased along with proper and healthy weight loss.

Guggul || Guggulu Sudha and Balsamodendrum mukula


Hibiscus flower extracted tea has filled with enormous health benefits. It has diuretic properties and which helps in bloating. It produces amylase enzyme which breaks carbs into sugar molecules. Hibiscus tea also lowers calories and further reduces weight.  

Scientific Talk:

Research held on hibiscus family has come up with numerous advantageous from tree to leaves. It's every part has its own significance. It helps in weight reduction, lowers the fat content, and prevents irritation in the stomach and many others.


Cardamom spice is extracted from the ginger family. It is used widely in cooking and also support weight loss.

Scientific Talk:

Multiple studies on animals are being held to know the in-depth details of weight loss and other health benefits.

Safety measures for the herbs usage:

Every food has its set of advantageous and disadvantageous which purely depends on the method we intake them.

  • Consume every herb or spices in the limit.
  • Do not exceed the daily dosage of any food types.
  • Consult the doctor if you have any special conditions before using them.
  • Make sure these are fresh, organic and natural items without added flavors.
  • Check whether your body has an allergic reaction or other health problem and side effects by using these herbs and spices.

Hence, following particular terms and prescriptions are necessary to make them work properly and healthy.

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