How Arnica used in Homeopathy?

How Arnica used in Homeopathy?

Homeopathy works on the statement of like cure like. By this statement, it means that the reason or say substance that is responsible for a disease in a particular person can also be used to cure that symptom.

It is scientifically named as Arnica Montana commonly known as leopard's bane, arnica flos, mountain tobacco, mountain snuff and sneezewort. These herbs are generally found in U.S and Europe.

Arnica in form of a pure herb is highly poisonous and should be taken only under proper guidance of the doctors. If a person has an intestinal infection or stomach problem use of arnica is not recommended. This herb is used in homeopathy to treat many skin problems.

arnica herb

Advantages of Arnica:

  • These herbs are widely used in homeopathic medicines to cure pains, rashes, bruises, boils, acne, sprains, wounds etc.
  • It is also used as an analgesic agent or an anti inflammatory agent.
  • Arnica homeopathic ointments and gels are available in market for the treatment of knee and hand pain in arthritis.
  • These herbs have also been found helpful in reducing swellings.
  • These tablets in low dose are also helpful in muscle pain, surgery pain and mouth ulcer.

It is undoubtedly one of the most successful remedies in homeopathy.

Disadvantages :

This herb in pure form is extremely poisonous and it is advised not to use it in pure form.

However arnica in form of a homeopathy drug is useful in many cases. Overdose of it can lead you to severe consequences.

  • Skin irritation and burning are some of the side effects caused by it.
  • When it is swallowed in a pure form it can cause gastrointestinal problems, rapid heartbeat, liver damage, coma, kidney damage and even death.
  • An overdose of it can be highly dangerous for your health.

It is recommended only in consultation with a medical professional.

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