The red patchy skin, the rashes and the pain which comes with rashes and the urge of itching for the constant irritant are what describe the disease eczema. It is very scariest to control the pain without even rubbing.

We all would have undergone the situation of controlling the itching feeling of the rashes but you can’t touch or rub the affected area.

For girls who are more conscious of their looks and most importantly about their face just for clicking photos with their dear ones and get applauded by posting on the internet, even a single pimple will shatter their happiness in every way. So you can relate the pain and hurdles which comes with this disease.

symptoms of eczema

Eczema the shabby disease

As I said above, eczema is the reddish patches or itching disease which can be seen with all age groups. This disease is mostly found in the infants.

The main cause for this disease is not known in particular but it can be guessed as this disease come with the change of weather (the hot and cold atmosphere), the lack of hydration in the body, some kind of dust allergies, wearing any kind of rough woolen fabric, and one of the main reason of being affected by this disease is it that eczema is hereditary.

If your ancestor has diagnosed with this disease then there are high chances of you getting affected by eczema. The main worry of this disease among people is how to get rid of eczema and the best preventive tips.

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The time period

Eczema is among those diseases to which you cannot predict the time span.

For some people, this disease cures early but for some this disease last long and if not cured properly it can lead to high fever and asthma diseases.

 You can easily cure eczema and can overcome as soon as possible only if treated with proper medications.

Preventive tips to cure eczema

Above we read what is eczema and following I will discuss as for how to get rid of eczema and the best preventive tips.

Usually, there are no tests to diagnose eczema but if you have seen some reddish patches or rashes on your skin no matter whether it is on your face, scalp, back of the knees, wrists, hands or feet, you have to consult a dermatologist the one who is specialist in treating skin diseases.

By seeing the rashes itself your doctor will say whether you are affected by eczema or not. Now coming back to how to get rid of eczema and the best preventive tips I would suggest to always moisturize your skin and keep away from being dry.

As soon as you take bath to apply the moisturizer cream frequently on the affected area. Keep your mind stress free and happy as it is the best tip to avoid any disease.

It is better to avoid all the rough and uncomfortable fabrics especially the rough woolen garments. Say no to harsh soaps and bathing products as it will increase the allergy if the soap is not selected correctly.

And last but most important to avoid that food if you find you will get allergy as you intake like brinjal.


Thus to conclude eczema is the disease which is mainly related to allergies and infection and if you see any of the above-mentioned symptoms then consult your dermatologist as early as possible.

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