You would be in an emergency to get water out of the ear and you should probably know few home remedies and life hacks that would help. No one likes the irritating feeling when the water goes in your ear while swimming or showering.

We know it's very annoying and the sounds seem like you are hearing from inside a well. If left untreated and not taken timely care of it, it may be very harmful and the chances of ear infections are higher


How to get water out of the ear?

It causes many other problems as well if left untreated. Like it may sometimes cause severe pain in the ear and one may also suffer from reduced hearing ability. Although a human ear produces ear-wax which gives maximum protection against any fluid from entering into it, a lot of protection needs to be taken in order to avoid this problem.

And sometimes it happens, that the water accidentally gets trapped in your ear and you suffer muffled hearing or ear pain. Here are some of the remedies to get water out of the ear:

Ways to get water out of ear:

1.Gravity always works best:

Let gravity do the work. It always works best. To do so, tilt your head sideways, hold the water trapped ear, parallel to the ground, place your palm on your ear to rest and press for a minute. Or you can also lie down on the side with the affected ear facing down. Use an ear bud to remove the fluid from the ear. Chewing gum also works best for such cases.

2.Clean your ear:

This is the first thing almost everyone does once the water gets inside the ear. But one has to be very careful while cleaning the air. Care must be taken that you do not push the cloth inside the ear otherwise you are giving more way for the water to get further inside.

Just clean the outer of your ear with a clean cloth or towel slowly and tilt your ear down to the cloth. As simple as that.

3.Use a blow-dryer:

Blow dryer

Blow dryer also works best to get rid of the water from inside your ear. The warm, dry air will definitely help get the water out of the ear.

Switch the blow dryer on, hold it a little far away from the ear and allow it to dry until you actually feel that the water inside your ear is getting dry. Care must be taken that you do not use the dryer too close to the ear.

4.Apply alcohol and vinegar mixture:

This one is probably the best homemade solution to get the water out of your ear. Mix half cup of vinegar with half cup of alcohol. Then, lie down and put few drops of the alcohol and vinegar mixture inside the ear to the water drained.

Not only will this mixture help you to get water out of the ear, but it also prevents your ear from any kind of infections.

5.Valsalva maneuver:

The water that is locked inside your ear effectively comes out when you perform this valsalva

.If you don't what this is and how you should do this. Here is the help. Close your mouth and squeeze your nostrils close with your fingers. Breathe slowly and blow the air out of your nose. You'll hear a popping sound and that's it. You are already free from the annoying water.

6.Counter Medication:

Along with these home remedies, you can also go for over the counter medication. A lot of these are available in the medical stores in the form of medicines and ear drops. They work excellent for killing bacteria, thereby preventing infection.

These are some of the remedies to get rid of the water from your ear as soon as possible. If home remedies are not working, you must better consult a doctor.

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