The most common query for most women is how to know if my hymen is broken. Basically, a thin membrane that covers vaginal opening from inside is called as Hymen. The structure of Hymen will be appeared in different shapes, most commonly half-moon shape that lets menstrual blood to flow out via the vagina.

The hymen will have a small finger size opening, which is enough for to pass a tampon. Individuals may experience uneasiness while using a tampon, however being able to pass it doesn't mean that their hymen is broken.

How to Know If Hymen Is Broken?

In most of the cultures, the hymen is associated with the purity of a woman. Thus, a number of young girls often concerned regarding the state of their hymen. In order to know if the hymen is broken or not, individuals should use a flashlight and mirror to see inside the vaginal canal.

Individuals should lie on their back & place mirror between their legs and spread inner as well as outer vaginal lips to view inside the vagina. With the help of a flashlight, one can easily view deep inside the vaginal canal. A thin layer of skin with a small hole is nothing but hymen membrane.

If an individual view small traces of broken skin around the vaginal opening with no membrane, that means they have already broken their hymen. The breakage of the hymen can occur due to various reasons, thus it should not be linked to the virginity of a woman. Likewise, if an individual is having a hymen, it doesn't mean she is a virgin. During intercourse hymen may not break, it may stretch.

Causes of Hymen breakage Besides Sex

As now, you are aware of how to know if the hymen is broken, but if you might want to know different causes of Hymen breakage besides sex then find the below causes:

  • The hymen can break while trying to climb over a fence & falling or tipping on a projective substance.
  • Participating in sports activities such as horse riding, bicycling, seesaw, high jumping, etc., may also result in hymen breakage.
  • Masturbating with fingers or a large object such as candlestick can lead to hymen breakage.
  • Using instruments by doctors during surgical operation may result in the breaking of the hymen.
  • Douching without any care leads to hymen breakage.

vaginal yeast infection

What to do if an individual has a torn Hymen or when they came to know hymen is broken

When you came to know that the hymen is broken and experience bleeding, applies some ice on the vaginal area. One should not avoid using tampons for some time and stay away from involving in sexual activity. One can consult a surgeon who can repair or reconstruct the hymen.

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When to approach doctor regarding hymen breakage

Individuals usually do not experience heavy bleeding when their hymen breaks. If they experience heavy bleeding then it is suggested to approach the doctor for the doctor as this may specify cervical cancer or vaginal tear.

One has to remember that that bleeding during intercourse can be due to hymen breakage, but it also happens because of conditions such as cervical polyps, dysplasia, gonorrhea, vaginal yeast infection, uterine polyps, and fibroid tumors.

Approaching doctor is the right and perfect choice if an individual experience serious bleeding during or after intercourse.

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