Diabetes is the word commonly heard everywhere. It is a disease caused by all irrespective of age and gender. We all knew how dangerous this disease is and how our beloved ones are facing day-by-day problems with this disease.

So, here let's discuss this serious issue today with detailed information on diabetes and others like type 1 and type 2 diabetes which is more dangerous? Let's start from the roots.

What is diabetes?

According to the best diabetic doctor in Hyderabad, Diabetes is caused due to the rise in glucose or sugar levels in the body than normal.

It is a complex problem which needs everyday care. A diabetic person should be on medication always. If it is ignored, it may impact on healthy living and can also reduce the longevity.

Types of Diabetes:

There are 3 types of diabetes depending on the complexity of the disease.

1.Type 1 Diabetes: This type causes when the auto-immune system stimulates to shatter the cells of the pancreas. The pancreas produces insulin to the body and diabetes occurs when auto-immune system damages cells. Among 10% of diabetes affected people are children who are affected by the chronic disorder and it also is seen most commonly in young age people. Type1 diabetes affected people undergo insulin intake every day to survive their life

2.Type 2 Diabetes: This type of diabetes is caused generally in middle-age people. This happens due to not enough production of insulin in the pancreas of the body and effects the insulin production. This can be controlled through medication and there is no need for insulin. It is commonly caused diabetes in most of the people.

Many studies proved that there would be more impact on family history or family background of diabetic affected persons. Type 2 diabetes is the answer to the frequent question which diabetes requires insulin shots? Which is asked by many.

3.Gestational Diabetics: Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is occurred especially in pregnant ladies and cures itself ones the baby is born. Below10% of women are affected with GDM and are diagnosed. It is detected between a 24-28th week of the pregnancy period.

Which diabetes is more dangerous?

Is type 1 diabetes worse than type 2 We are confused with this question all the time? But any diabetes which lasts for the long term is dangerous to one's life and both have the same risk levels.

It may affect the longevity of the person. As both Type 1 and Type 2 are equally toxic it is difficult to say which is more dangerous as these both involve in damaging of eyes, kidneys, nerve system, brain and sometimes lead to severe heart disorders. For a heart, disorders consult best cardiologist doctor in Hyderabad. Everything depends upon how much we love and care our lives and how much we are involved in the treatment.

Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes

Which diabetes is curable?

Till now many types of research are held in diabetes but none found the permanent cure for it. But it can be controlled with different treatments for type-1 and type-2 diabetes. As diabetes is a long-term disease and effects health, the treatment process is also tiresome but need extra efforts to control the disease.

Many great scientists are in a process to find the cure for Type-1 diabetes with the idea of reproducing insulin cells in the pancreas. Studies proved there is surely a positive outcome for this.

Recently, many scientists found the permanent cure for Type-2 diabetes with proper medication, treatment, healthy diet with low calories, fresh fruits which are suggested by the doctor, exercises like aerobics, yoga will help in the permanent cure of type-2 diabetes.

Myths and Facts about Diabetes which are told by the best diabetic doctor in Hyderabad:


  • Diabetes is not a dangerous disease.
  • All types of diabetes are the same and have the same treatment.
  • Diabetes can be cured for the lifetime.
  • People diagnosed with diabetes cannot play sports.
  • Only type-1 diabetes needs insulin.


  • Diabetes is a dangerous disease which does not have a permanent treatment. It can only be controlled by medication and proper diet.
  • All diabetes types are not similar, they have their own way of treatment and medication and the causes to develop diabetes are different from each other.
  • Diabetes can be controlled and cannot be cured permanently. It can be controlled by following proper medication, diet food, and extra health care.
  • A person diagnosed with diabetes can play various sports and many sportspersons are affected by either type of diabetes.
  • Insulin is needed when there are no more growth levels of insulin from the pancreas. Insulin can be used for both type-1 and type-2 diabetes. It depends upon the duration a person affected by diabetes or how deeply it is diagnosed by a person.

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Signs that diabetes is killing you - Symptoms:

  • Lack of energy in the body
  • Continuous thirst than usual
  • Abrupt weight loss
  • Obesity
  • Urination Frequently
  • Decrease in Vision
  • Would healing capacity decreases
  • Gum disorder
  • More hunger
  • Numbness in the hands and feet

Risk Factors of Diabetes:

When a diabetic person is under treatment they will be effected with the following diseases when it lasts for the long duration. As per sugar specialist doctor in Hyderabad, these are most commonly seen diseases.

  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Dermatological diseases
  • Ear disorders
  • Retinopathy
  • Nephropathy
  • Neuropathy

The diabetes specialist doctor in Hyderabad will surely inform the effects on a body due to diabetes includes the following:

  • Heart Disorders. For a heart, disorders consult  the best cardiologist in Hyderabad
  • No proper Blood vessels Functionality
  • Eyes Blurriness
  • Gums and Teeth weakness
  • Nerves Damage
  • Kidneys Problems
  • Hearing Defects
  • Skin Diseases

Tips to control diabetes:

All the below tips are experimentally and scientifically proven and has amazing benefits which are suggested by the best diabetic doctor in Hyderabad. These tips should be followed at least for 3 months to get good results. As these all tips are organic and home remedies there are no side effects for these tips until and unless they are followed with proper diet and taken in the limit.

1.Balance fats: Balance your fats in the meals. Add low-fat foods in your diet. Follow the proper diet with good meals added with fresh food.

2.Control Insulin: Insulin intake should be controlled. To control this one must follow the proper diet. Make exercises. The insulin is used for type 1 diabetic patients which are dangerous for lives. So, it is better to change the eating habits and become a healthy person.

3. Increase omega-3 fatty acids: Omega-3 fatty acids such as fish, soya beans, and others should be added to their daily food. This will increase the acidic properties in the body and splashes away all the toxic and unwanted wastes from the body.

4. Up vitamin levels: Vitamins like A, C, D, and E will help in stabilizing the blood flow with the increase in vitamin levels of blood. Hence, diabetes is controlled.

5.Quality sleep: Quality sleep is very important in life. It balances all the components in the body. It helps in proper functioning of everybody organs. The minimum amount of sleep is 8 hours and one should manage to get minimum sleep every day.

Exercises which helps in controlling diabetes:

6.Exercise: Any physical exercises like running, jogging, swimming, cycling will make the body fit and also helps in treating diabetes.

7. Yoga: Last year a study published in the journal, Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine proved the yoga influence on diabetes. Follow the yoga these pranayamas and Asanas as mentioned below, to get treated soon.

Benefits: These asanas will control glucose blood levels, improves metabolic activities, improves pancreas and liver functionality, increases insulin production, calms the mind and has other benefits.

  • Upavishta Bakasana - sitting crane
  • Bakasana - standing crane
  • Dhanurasana - Bow Pose
  • Kapalbhatti - Breathing Exercises
  • mandukasan - Frog Pose
  • Ardha chakrasana - Standing backward bend

8.Weight Loss: Overweight gain will also lead to diabetes. One must be in proper weight according to their body weight and age. Make healthy weight loss by following a proper diet.

9.Meditation: Meditation will help in relaxation of mind and controls the blood flow which doesn't lead to an increase in excess sugar levels in the body.

10. Reduce Stress: Heavy stress will increase the glucose levels in the body and constantly diabetes will form. Stress-free life will be a healthier life. 

Foods to consume:

11.Vegetables: Vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, carrots, peppers, tomatoes are good for diabetics.

12.Fruits: Fruits like orange, melons, berries, apples, bananas, grapes are good for health and control the diet and helps in improving diabetes.

13.Raw food: Eat raw foods like carrot, radish, corn, sprouts, nuts, etc. will increase the vitamins and controls diabetes.

14.Diet: Follow a proper diet which includes fruits, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, sprouts, soups, juices, etc. Intake of the meals in limit is offered.

15.Okra: Okra contains polyphenolic molecules which help in the improvement of diabetes.

How to use:

Take okra and make pricks all over it. Soak them in water overnight and drink that water next day morning on empty stomach. It is optional to either eat okra or just to drink water.

16.Guava: It contains high fiber and vitamin c. It helps in the control of sugar levels.

How to use:

Eat a guava every day to improve diabetes. It is recommended to peel it skin and eat. Eat in the limit as excess eating may effects health.

17.Flax seeds: It will absorb the sugar and carbohydrates from the blood.

How to use:

Take a tablespoon of flax seeds powder and add it to warm water or milk and drink twice a day.

flax seed tip to control diabetes

18.Curry Leaves: Curry leaves contain anti-diabetic properties.

How to use:

Chew 5-6 curry leaves every day or adds 1 tablespoon of dried powdered leaves in your meals.

19. Basil leaves: It has special powers to lower sugar levels. It helps in decreasing the oxidants stress level.

How to use:

Eat 4-5 basil leaves every day to control diabetes.

20.Green tea: It is unfermented and contains high polyphenol content which treats diabetes and increases insulin.

How to use:

Drink green tea twice a day without added sugar.

21.Cinnamon water: This water will help in removing waste toxins from the body and helps in proper functioning of the pancreas.

How to use:

Make cinnamon powder and mix it in water. Drink this water everyday morning on empty stomach.

cinnamon water tip to control diabetes

22. Drumsticks leave: It helps in the breakdown of food and controls the sugar levels.

How to use:

Either add drumsticks leaves in your meals or make a food recipe for it and add to the diet.

23.Bitter melon: It contains insulin-polypeptide-P, a bio-chemicals which reduce blood sugar.

How to use:

It can be used in many forms such as juice, curry, tea and other food dishes.

24.Berries: Seeds present in it stops reformation of sugar from starch.

How to use:

Consume berries especially Indian berries every day.

25.Juices: Consume juices like aloe vera, bottle guard, radish, green leafy vegetable juice, potato juice, orange juice, etc. will help in the control of blood sugar levels.

Herbs that control the signs that diabetes is killing you:

26.Aloe Vera: Make Aloe Vera juice and drink twice a day. This helps in control of cholesterol.

27. Ginger: Planta Medica, one of the leading international journals in the field of medicinal plants and natural products, published a report in August 2012 says that it improves blood sugar levels and treats type 2 diabetes.

28.Turmeric: Turmeric is a magical herb. It prevents pancreas from damage. Add more turmeric to your daily foods.

29. Garlic: It has anti-oxidants which lower the blood sugar levels in the body.

30.Cactus: Prickly pear cactus used to control glucose levels in the blood. Scientists are working on this cactus to make it as medication to treat diabetes. Hope to see positive results soon.

31.Protein Rich Food: Add these protein-rich foods in your diet. Do not overeat any of these foods as they will effects diabetes. Eat to choose ones in a week and in the limit. These foods contain a high amount of vitamins, calories, fiber, fats which helps in controlling of sugar levels. These foods include:

  • Meat

  • Chicken

  • Fish

  • Eggs

  • Nuts and peanuts

32.Dairy products: Eat dairy products with either Non-fat or low fat. These products will increase energy, vitamins, and stamina to keep insulin levels in normal.

  • Milk

  • Yogurt

  • Cheese

33.Grains: Grains will control the diet and keep them in neutral. Choose multi-grain food items. The examples of grains are bread, pasta, cereal, etc. These grains are very good for early breakfasts. Few of them are:

  • Wheat

  • Rice

  • Oats

  • ceramal

Things to avoid by the diabetic person with no question of is type 1 diabetes worse than type 2?:

34.Alcohol: Limit consumption of alcohol. Excess alcohol drinking will increase the cholesterol and glucose levels in the body.

35.Smoking: Quit smoking, as it will damage many internal organs due to the excess level of toxins present in the tobacco.

36.Limit sweets: Stop eating sweets as they contain a high amount of sugar and are high in calories. Eat sweets occasionally. Many will adopt sugar-free sweets, but it will be better if those are also avoided.

37. Stop oily food: Oily foods such as deep fries of veggies, non-vegetarian food items, food with heavy masalas should be avoided as they increase the number of calories and fat in the body which interrupts the blood flow and causes diabetes.

38. Stop processed or outside food: These foods are not fresh and contain a very bad amount of bad calories, fats, and other substances which harm our body when eating regularly. We can eat these occasionally.

39.Salt: avoid salt content food and also decrease the salt in your meals. A high amount of Sodium will gradually increase blood pressure and leads to diabetes because of no smooth blood flow.

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Diet plans for Diabetes:

Every diabetic person should follow the diet plans. They should fill their meals plate by considering the following facts. These plans are shared by the diabetes specialist doctor in Hyderabad.

  • The plate should contain at least a fruit
  • A juice either veggie or fruit or leafy veggie should be added
  • A cup of Whole grains foods
  • Half boiled or steam cooked vegetables a cup
  • A cup of leafy vegetable dish
  • Meat, chicken, fish in limited quantity with less oil
  • The plate should not include low sat, no added sugar, not saturated food or fried food.

Breakfast: Start your day with dairy products like milk, a boiled egg, whole grains bread or oatmeals, a glass of fresh juice, sprouts with no salt.

Lunch: Lunch should contain fish or chicken or others, a cup of grains, a cup of cooked dishes, a glass juice and salads, veggie soups. Calculate calories and eat accordingly.

Between Snacks: Between snacks can contain fruits, nuts, seeds, juice.

Dinner: Dinner should be very lite end up eating salads, soups, fruits and boiled veggies with a juice. Do not prefer rice or other grains at night times.

Quick Tips to concentrate on:

  • Regular or monthly checkups
  • Follow proper diet
  • Avoid sweets and other high fats, calories food
  • Reduce consumption of alcohol
  • Quit smoking
  • Stop consuming preserved food and other outside

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