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How to Make India a Country with Healthy Population

How to Make India a Country with Healthy Population

Key Elements to make an India a healthy Population:

  1. Creating self-awareness about health
  2. Educating people about deadly diseases and ways to prevent itindia a healthy population
  3. Practicing, teaching and implementing hygiene
  4. Adopting Eco-friendly measures for a pollution free life
  5. Reducing use of plastic and processed and packaged foods
  6. Avoiding polluting rivers and water bodies to ensure availability of fresh and pure water for drinking
  7. Introduce more organic and locally grown foods in your diet
  8. Practicing yoga, meditation and exercise daily
  9. Visit the Healthcare centers regularly for checkups and prescribed tests
  10. Keep your surroundings clean to ensure hygienic environments
  11. Grow at least two trees/plants/shrubs at your home to keep the air around you fresh and unpolluted
  12. Avoid unprotected sex and illegal relationships to stay healthy

Let us make India The Fittest Populated Country in the World.

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