JUNK FOODS AND OBESITY

These days more number people are more prone to obesity due to unhealthy eating habits along with a completely sedentary lifestyle.

Due to more dependency on eating junk foods or fast foods, and due to working long hours by sitting at one place, obesity is occurring.

Junk foods like pizzas, burgers, veg, and momos(both veg & non-veg stuffing), cakes, pastries, etc mainly rich in saturated fats or trans fats which is mainly unhealthy for the whole body.

Top 10 Risk Factors Of Obesity

1.Diabetes mellitus.

2.Heart stroke.


4.Thyroid issues.

5.Nerve damage.

6.Fatty liver diseases.




10.Knee Pains

weight loss activity


4 Ways To Overcome Obesity 

1.A Healthy Balanced Diet 

A diet rich in all essential nutrients like healthy carbs, good amounts of proteins, good fats or healthy fat along with fiber-rich foods and vitamins, minerals essential for proper body functions.

Always follow the perfect diet plan prepared by expert weight loss dietitians, they provide a custom diet plan for weight loss 


Regular exercise is the key to reduce extra body fat or losing weight in a healthy manner. It can be done in the forms of brisk walking, jogging or running, aerobic exercises, treadmill running, floor exercises with stretching, etc. morning time is the best time to boost up slow body metabolism by doing exercise.

Everyday minimum of 45 mins to a max 1-hour exercise should be done, always start the main exercise with 5 mins of the warm-up session.

3.Proper Sleep 

Proper sleep at night time for a minimum of 6-7 hours is quite essential to lead a healthy life. Late night dinner and late-night sleep increase more food craving towards sweets, chocolates, chips, etc which ultimately grow up extra fat cells for which a person becomes obese or overweight.

In order to have a good night’s sleep, try to have early dinner by 8 pm and try to sleep by 9 pm daily. if facing problems in sleeping try to read good positive positive books, listen to nice soothing music, avoid using electronic gadgets like cell phones, laptops, etc before 1 hour of going to bed for sleep.

The bedroom where you are sleeping should be calm & quiet, also switch off the bedroom lights while you are sleeping, so that you can have a good night’s sleep.

4.Stress Reduction

More stress releases more cortisol hormone which affects directly increases your hunger pangs in mid-nights mainly for which most people become obese. So, try to reduce stress

by doing yoga asanas, meditations, listening to positive inspirational videos, spend time with friends or family members by going for an outing on weekends, etc.

By following these healthy lifestyle modification tips you can lose extra body fat in a healthy manner and lead a healthy life for a lifetime.




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