How to Become Healthy in 2018 - Make This New Year Resolution to Become and Remain Healthy

How to Become Healthy in 2018 - Make This New Year Resolution to Become and Remain Healthy

As soon as the clock strikes 12:00 on the last night of the year, millions of people make lofty and big resolutions. Of which few might be losing weight, living healthy and so on.

However, without having specific, reasonable goals in mind, it is difficult to achieve the resolutions, and people tend to give up.

According to the experts focusing on smaller changes can make a bigger difference in the long run. Thus, follow few simple and easy fitness tips to become and remain healthy in this year 2018.

Tips to become healthy in 2018

New Year onsets with the resolutions of wellbeing and health. “Eat Better”, “Regular Exercise” and “Enough sleep”, are the words we hear usually to remain healthy.However, it requires a plan to implement them.  Here are some cool tips that help you to become healthy this Year.

Regular checkups

Always prefer to have a protein-packed breakfast

Breakfast is the most imperative feast of the day and having protein pressed food is surprisingly better. Try not to skip it again and again on account of any reason.

As per the sources, intake of high protein breakfast aids people to eat less throughout the day.

This is not a decisive restriction, but in fact it decreases hunger response. Also, avoid high-carb foods, as they contain dense calories.

Avoid mindless eating

Food needs time & space. People while watching sports or a great movie, start eating something just like that even if they are not hungry. 

So, make it a rule not to eat food while watching TV unless you feel hungry. If you feel falling prey to mindless eating it is suggested to chew a sugar-free gum instead. 

Prepare a grocery list and stick to it

The healthy eating choices onsets at the grocery store. While you go to grocery store make a list and stick to eat. Don’t go to the grocery store hungry and stop impulse-buying junk food or food that you don't need.

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Drink more water

Drinking more water helps you in controlling your weight. Presumably, people who drank two cups of water prior to the intake of meal consumed between 75 to 90 calories fewer during that meal. Drinking vegetable broth or tea with lemon also serves the same purpose.

Prefer new foods

Prefer new, healthy foods spice up your routine & even open doors for new ways that make nutritious meals as well as snacks.

Pick small plates for serving rather than larger ones

People when serving in smaller plates feels deprived as they had a complete plate of food. Though this is just a psychological thing it helps in consuming less calories, because according to a study 90% of people consume all the food present in front of them on a plate.

Avoid sugar-sweetened beverages


Number of studies have shown the negative effects of health because of consuming sugar-sweetened beverages. Drinks containing sugar increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even leads to early death. Drinking sugary beverages occupy around 500 calories a day. So, it is better to avoid it and drink sparkling water enhanced with fruit.

Have enough sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in maintaining the physical health. For instance, sleep involves healing & repairing of heart and blood vessels. Enduring sleep deficiency may increase the risk of kidney disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes.

Manage your stress

Stressful life can impact both your mental as well as physical health, so when you are stepping into the New Year it’s vital to handle it.

These are fewer tips that help to become healthy this year. Follow them and keep yourself healthy.


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