A mammogram is an X-ray picture of your breast used to screen for bosom tumor. Mammograms assume a key part in right on time bosom disease identification and help reduction breast malignancy passings.

A mammogram can be utilized either for screening or for symptomatic purposes. How regularly you ought to have a mammogram relies on upon your age and your danger of breast disease.

mammogram test

Purpose of Mammogram test

Mammography is X-ray imaging of your breasts intended to locate tumors and different anomalies.

Mammography can be utilized either for screening or for demonstrative purposes in assessing a bosom protuberance:

Screening mammography:

Screening mammography is utilized to locate breast changes in ladies who have no signs or indications or discernible bosom irregularities. The objective is to identify tumor before clinical signs are recognizable.

Diagnostic mammography:

Symptomatic mammography is utilized to research suspicious breast changes, for example, a bosom protuberance, bosom torment, a bizarre skin appearance, areola thickening or areola release.

Its likewise used to assess unusual discoveries on a screening mammogram. A demonstrative mammogram incorporates extra mammogram pictures.

Precaution prior to test

Don't plan your mammogram for the prior week your period if your bosoms are normally delicate amid this time. The best time for a mammogram is one week after your period? Continuously educate your specialist or x-ray technologist if there is any probability that you are pregnant.

Do not wear antiperspirant, talcum powder or salve under your arms or on your bosoms upon the arrival of the exam. These can show up on the mammogram as calcium spots.

Describe any breast side effects or issues to the technologist performing the exam.

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