Thanks to the internet for making everything so easy and quick. From booking tickets to ordering medicines, the world has surely undergone a drastic change with the advancement in the internet and technology. People no more walk down the street to fulfill their medicinal and other healthcare needs. Ordering medicines can be done with one’s eyes shut with just a simple click.

According to a survey conducted by Statista, the global pharmacy market is expected to stand at 128 billion USD by 2023. This stupendous growth is because of the advantages of online pharmacy offers. If you have no idea as to how e-pharmacy is no less than a blessing to mankind, then keep reading.

Online Medicine in India - Advantages

Not sure how online pharmacy can be of great help use to you when compared to the conventional pharmacy? Read below to know the outstanding advantages of buying medicine from an online pharmacy.


Gone are the days when people used to take out some extra time to search for a genuine pharmacy store to purchase medicines. With the advent of online pharmacy, the whole concept of medicine order has become very convenient. All you need to do is find the right e-pharmacy platform and place your order. You can place the order from anywhere and everywhere with just a simple touch and get the medicines delivered at your doorsteps.


Next on our list is cost. The biggest underlying myth about e-pharmacy is that it is expensive. But, the truth is it is not! Online pharmacy is way cheaper than a conventional pharmacy. You can save big by ordering medicines in bulk.

You can also grab up to 23% off on your first order with the fascinating Pharmeasy coupons and offers. So, why wait for more when you can save more?

3.Saves time

 If you want to save your valuable time by not going to a pharma store, e-pharmacy is the best option. You can select the products you want to order, make a payment, and wait for the products to be delivered at your doorsteps in no time. You can easily save the time you otherwise spend traveling all way long to buy the required medicines. The time you saved can be used for some productive work.


Online ordering of products will provide you umpteen number of options to choose from. You can search for the type of product you have been looking for and browse through all the available options. You can select the best one by going through all the reviews and ratings. Unlike conventional pharmacy, online pharmacy gives you the liberty and time to look at similar products and make a fair choice. Perhaps, ordering medicine or any healthcare product will surely leave you spoiled for choice.

online medicine in India


You must have felt the embarrassment of buying a product from a conventional e-pharmacy at least once. You don’t have to face this embarrassment anymore! With the help of e-pharmacy, you can easily look up the product you want and place the order. You can also gain the benefit of browsing through a variety of similar products and choose the one that best suits your needs.


Just like your conventional offline store, an online pharmacy will also have an experienced person running it. All you need to do is find a certified and reliable platform. Rest assured, you are sure to be guided by a certified professional. The medicines and products you order will be 100% safe and genuine. Most of the e-pharmacy platforms will also provide online consultation of top doctors. You can book an appointment, make a payment, and consult a doctor online through the app just from the comfort of your couch.

7.Automatic refill

Say goodbye to visiting a nearby medical store every now and then to buy your routine medicines. Using e-pharmacy, you can choose an automatic refill option that will fill your cart every month and deliver the products to you on time. Even if you forget about placing an order every month, this is the best option you can sign up for!

Things to keep in mind before selecting an online pharmacy

Looking at the advantages of e-pharmacy, one must not get carried away and be aware of all its risks. The first and foremost step would be to rightly choose the pharmacy. Below is the list of things you need to check before ordering medicine from an online pharmacy.

  • Check if the pharmacy is verified and certified

The very first thing you need to look for is the certification of e-pharmacy. A verified platform will not shy away from providing the details about its certification.

  • See if the e-store is working legally

You must check whether the e-store is working legally or not. This information can be obtained by a little research about the company on the internet. If the company is legal, it means the products are completely trustworthy and genuine.

  • Have a look at the prices; they must be reasonable

Another important factor you must consider before finalizing your order on an e-pharmacy is the price. Go for the platform that sells products at the best price in the market.

  • Check if they are asking for personal information and prescription

If an e-pharmacy is providing your medicines without asking for a doctor’s prescription or the cause for buying the medicine, then such an e-store must not be trusted.

  • Confirm if the online pharmacy is having a set of experienced doctors and medical professionals

It is very important for the e-pharmacy to have a set of experienced doctors and professionals to guide people the right way.

  • Go through the privacy policy of the e-store

The next crucial thing to do before selecting an e-pharmacy is reading the privacy policy of the company to understand and make sure it is clear and fair.

  • Thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the pharmacy

Last but not the least, go through all the terms and conditions of the pharmacy to understand the business format and other policies they follow.


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