I guess you all heard about the old saying – “Health is Wealth.” We still stick on this old maxim and follow our policy for a safe healthy life of all our readers. This lead to creating customized health packages for all the needy.

To get the overview of preventive health check-up packages here we came up with various outstanding queries to understand the health packages prominence.

How Preventive Health Packages are useful?

The typical robotic life brought our healthy lifestyle to halt. Hence we are grounded by chronic heart diseases, cancer, mental health problems, diabetes, and many other dreadful viruses along with diseases with no cure.

To keep the hectic life in the track by avoiding the fluctuations of uneven lifestyle, execution of a regular health checkup is necessary to prevent diseases to shatter our life.

Preventive health packages play a vital role in identifying and minimizing risk factors by detecting diseases and other health issues.

An era passed when we used to visit a doctor only when we are sick or dying. But the rapid growth in technology entrusted ways to the people for enhancing the knowledge and significance of preventive health care check up’s and various preventive health care packages offered by the health care industry.

Who can take Preventive Health checkups?

As per the studies held in various countries on various occasions on the subject of “Preventive health packages importance,” people with the following criteria are eligible to take the checkups for their health benefits:

  • People within the age group of 30-65 can take these packages as they are high in a number of increasing diseases as the remark of their lifestyle.
  • As per the international consensus men above age 30 and women above age 35 should at least get annual preventive health checkups to track their health status and prevent the diseases from growing.
  • A person with family history significance should also undergo these checkups to avoid the health problems like diabetes, coronary heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, breast cancer, high cholesterol level, prostate, mellitus, etc.
  • These preventive health checkups are available globally and can be considered irrespective of geographical location or other minor aspects.

Health checkup packages

What sort of diseases it can detect:

Health checkups can detect numerous health diseases, viruses, and other minor health issues and also dreadful diseases like:

  • Cancers almost all types including cervical and breast cancer in women
  • Cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.
  • Micronutrient deficiencies such as Osteopenia and Osteoporosis
  • Diabetes with both the types
  • Eyesight and hearing tests
  • Obesity and overweight
  • Various heart diseases
  • HIV/AIDS and many other major and minor health diseases

Why health checkup is important?

A regular health checkup tracks your health status up-to-date by scanning the body potential. It reflects your lifestyle and enhances ways to control and prevent several health issues and other dreadful diseases.

This social era is filled with latest technologies which reduce the time to visit a doctor at a clinic, as the very advanced technologies help us to contact doctor online and get a consultation from your place by accessing anywhere globally.

Benefits of Health Packages:

  • Awakes you about the health status time-to-time
  • Detects life-threatening health issues in early stage
  • Awareness of health status will increase the lifespan
  • Helps in solid forming of doctor and patient relationship
  • Enhances your health information with every health update
  • Increases the chances of treatment and cure of health diseases
  • In-depth monitoring of complications and confines the risk factors

When we need health checkup?

  • Mostly total body health checkup is recommended to any person irrespective of age and gender for annually.
  • A health checkup yearly once will help in tracking the health diseases and keeps you away from reaching the dreadful diseases.
  • These health checkups help you prevent, cure and treat the disease at the right time with no extreme complications.

When does a doctor suggest health checkup?

A regular visit to the doctor gives access to your health status. Most of the doctors recommend undergoing these annual health checkups depending on your health track record, family history, lifestyle, health problems, and current health condition.

Every health package varies from the other depending on the health state. Hence, a doctor recommends the necessary health package your body needs which helps in analyzing the other health factors.

Hence, ones the reports are out doctor can proceed with the required consultation for the health diseases occurred in the body to prevent, cure or treat them in the duration.

Why preventive health checkup

How to choose the best health checkup lab?

As many of the health checkup tests are held in the lab and most of them are either recommended by the doctor or the in-built lab available in various multi-specialty hospitals.

Choosing a trustworthy lab is prominent to keep yourself away from infections or viruses. Initially, choose the lab with the following facilities:

  • Get thorough information on the lab and their certification usually displayed in the lab.
  • Check their sanity and hygiene process.
  • Ask for the experience of the lab assistants and doctors
  • Get an overlook on the equipment’s they are using to know you are safe
  • Always prefer doctor’s recommendation for the lab or else choose the lab which you are trustworthy or known to you personally.

Types of health checkup packages:

The types of health checkup packages vary from clinic to clinic in the medicinal industry.

Here are few of the important and common health packages:

Most of the special packages are offered by “Plus100Years” with low prices, online facilities, and guarantees a flexible environment.

Precautions to be taken before you enroll for any health packages:

Ones you registered to the suitable health packages get the consultation on the health package precautions considering the health status or other aspects of the health package chosen. As various health packages involve different tests which should be conducted in different timings. Get to know the basic details of health checkups like:

  • Any fasting required to before or after the test
  • What type of clothes to be chosen to get the test done
  • Which timings are preferred to the test
  • What all tests can be made in a day or it requires another day
  • When you can grab the reports and do they send in electronic mode or give it handy
  • What type of food be taking in the meanwhile of tests
  • Any sort of medical insurances can cover your expenditure

These will help you from getting into awkward positions or inappropriate ways from taking the test.


No matter what your lifestyle is, no matter what you are working for, irrespective of age, gender and location, this technological era has spoiled our perfect health status for infinite reasons. This is the time to grab ourselves up and make progress towards a healthy lifestyle and pass it on to our next generations.

With no more late, get yourself registered for the doctor's consultation and the suitable health package to keep a safe distance from the dreadful diseases waiting to enter into your body.

Have a healthy lifestyle and a happy life with no more health stress!

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