Sports persons are really special. A proper Diet Plan for Sports Persons is necessary to remain fit. Some of them play for their country and some of them play for their passion. It is not easy to become a sports person. They should be physically active and also have to look deep into the quality and amount of calories they intake.

Usually, sports persons require more calories, energy, fats, proteins, carbohydrates than the common man. Thus, their diet plan for sports persons includes calories, carbohydrates, protein and fats.


On an average, healthy young sports person between 19 and 30 requires 3000 Kcals whereas for sport persons beyond 30 years require 2800-3000 Kcals.The Diet plan of sports person is vital as their energy requirement differs.

It strengthens when they play sports. So body requires nutrition in such a way that it helps them to meet up those requirements in their best activity.

Alongside with carbohydrates, fats and proteins, multi vitamins also play a vital role in in the Diet Plan of Sports Persons.

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Diet Plan for Sports Persons


diet for sports person

The following are the main diet ingredients required for sport persons:


Carbs or carbohydrates are the first and foremost nutrients that gives energy to the body. So for most of the sportsperson it is very essential to intake required amount of carbohydrates for the day as per the strength & duration of exercise.

Whole grains as well as fruits are the better choice, which raises the glucose quickly which causes overeating. Diet Plan of Sports Persons should also include good amount of fiber.


Proteins are building blocks of the body. It helps in body building, increasing immunity and body stamina to withstand for a longer time. Thus, to build up best stamina it's essential to supply adequate protein on steady basis. 30-35% of calories must come from proteins.

The food sources of proteins are chicken, egg whites and lean fish. For vegetarians proteins includes yoghurt, skimmed milk, beans etc. but still protein quality is low. So for vegetarians it is suggested to subsume protein supplement in diet.


Fats play a vital role in lubrication of bones. They assist in absorption & transportation of fat soluble vitamins.Vitamin D needed for bone strengthening needs fat for its absorption. 25-30% of calories are recommended.

Saturated fats are mostly preferred than trans fats, as they are harmful to the body and raises the oxidative stress in body and thus causes cell destruction & decrease the immunity of athletes.

So, it's better to avoid junk foods and fried foods. The best food sources of fats are nuts olive oils, low fat milk, fatty fish and low fat dairy products.


Vitamins are other essential ingredients required in the Diet Plan of Sports Persons. They help to preserve cell integrity & also fight against the oxidative stress by terminating the free radicals.

Water and Fluids

Hydrating body is equally significant with other nutrients. It surges the sportsman functionality. As proteins tend to tempt constipation, sufficient supply of water & fluids become necessary.


The existence of fiber in diet plan of sports persons helps to keep the bowel movement regular.


Main source of sodium is salt. So a supervised amount of salt consumption is recommended.

All Sports Persons should include aforesaid nutrients in their diet plan to remain strong and active. 


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