Psoriasis is an inflammatory condition that greatly impacts the skin leading to the rapid growth of the skin cells.

Thus the patient suffering from the issue has the formation of thick, scaly flakes plaques on the skin. It can greatly affect the confidence of the person, which is why they try different measures to get relief.

But not everything can work for the patients. Psoriasis Treatment In Ayurvedic Medicine has evolved greatly and is now coming out as a successful treatment option for Psoriasis.

The Ayurvedic medicines involve using ingredients like aloe vera and turmeric that are natural agents to get relief without any side effects.

Although Ayurveda has successfully treated people, research has not been performed on a large scale to assess effectiveness and safety. However, as of now, Ayurveda is considered a safe treatment for Psoriasis.


Psoriasis Treatment In Ayurvedic Medicine

Psoriasis is a long-lasting medical condition that can be quite hard to treat. However, Ayurvedic medicine can help reduce the symptoms.

Ayurvedic medicine incorporates certain lifestyle changes, dietary regulation, exercise and diet, and medications that can help the patient relieve the symptoms and enjoy regular life. Some of the common practices include eating veggies, drinking adequate water, etc.

Ayurveda believes the body is made up of five basic elements, including fire, air, water, earth,h, and ether. All of these elements, when combined in the body, form doshas, and imbalance in those can lead to medical issues.

The Ayurvedic specialists have a firm belief that Psoriasis results from an imbalance of Kapha and Vata. This results majorly from the toxins in food like seafood, yogurt. Stress is yet another reason.

However, there are customized medical treatments that can be extremely beneficial to relieve the symptoms.


Once you visit the ayurvedic center for your treatment, the practitioner there will examine you and then develop a customized plan based on your lifestyle and symptoms. This will include massage, diet changes, control vomiting, herbs, an oil application on the body, blood cleansing using herbs, etc. Most of the treatment, however, is performed by the Ayurvedic specialists once you get approval from your doctor.


Panchakarma for Psoriasis


Some of the major ingredients or methods that Ayurvedic practitioners use for treating Psoriasis are herbal supplements. Check out the details.

1.Diet change

The most basic thing an Ayurvedic practitioner will advise you is to eat green leafy vegetables and consume a lot of water throughout the day. It will help ease out. Certain things need to be avoided, which include spicy food, alcohol, junk food, meat, etc.

Certified dietitians recommend the proper diet for psoriasis, Diet really works to manage it, so you need a personalized diet plant for psoriasis problem .consult our expert dietitians today. 

custom diet plan


Given the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, it is highly used for treatment. In Ayurveda, most of the studies have shown that turmeric helps reduce inflammation. Besides, it also has antioxidant properties which can protect the cells. Once you start consuming turmeric-like curries or supplements, you will get great benefits.


Made from an Andiraararoba tree, it is a botanical powder that can be extremely beneficial for patients. The specialists mix this powder with lemon juice or vinegar to develop a paste that can be applied to the patches.

4Olive oil

The patients can apply the oil directly to the patches or can add a small amount of oil in the bath to reduce irritation and dryness.

5Cayenne pepper

Capsaicin is the compound found in the pepper, which in Ayurveda is known to be extremely effective for multiple skin conditions. When applied to the skin in a cream, it will help block the nerve endings that lead to pain. Besides, it will also help calm the inflammation, redness, and scaling. But you have to be careful herein as the product can cause hot and burning feelings on the skin.

6Aloe Vera

In Ayurveda, aloe vera is the most common approach used for the treatment of multiple medical conditions. However, it is known for reducing scaling and itching.

Is Ayurvedic treatment safe for Psoriasis?

Not many studies have been conducted to know the effectiveness of the Ayurvedic medicines for or any other health conditions. However, in the year 2011, a study was conducted on 111 people suffering from Psoriasis. It was found that when ayurvedic medications were provided, they helped improve the patient's quality of life. In India, there are certain training standards the ayurvedic doctors must meet to regulate Ayurvedic medicines. Here are the certain tips they need to take care of.

  • Continue visiting your healthcare doctor. One must not use Ayurvedic medicine only after consulting a doctor
  • Let the doctor know about the treatments that you are following. Further, make sure to be open about the steps as the doctor can help you know if anything can be harmful or interfere with any other treatment plans
  • Stay alert while purchasing or using anything product. As the FDA does not review ayurvedic products, one has to be careful.

Research about ayurvedic treatment and Psoriasis

Some of the studies conducted on Ayurvedic treatment for Psoriasis have shown positive results. However, the researchers are trying to assess the impact of popular Ayurvedic treatment for skin conditions. In 2015 a study published by the Iranian Journal of Pharmaceuticals stated that the effect of turmeric gel had a positive result for people suffering from mild to moderate Psoriasis symptoms.

Water For Beautiful Skin

After 9 weeks of application, the researchers have evaluated the skin redness, size of the lesions, and thickness of the participants. It was found that the patients who applied turmeric gel had less thickness, redness, and scaling than those who use the regular treatment.

However, it was even reported that there were certain side effects of the application of the gel. There was a different study conducted and published in the Clinical Dermatology Journal. It was found that the application of AKBBA can be extremely helpful in managing mild to moderate Psoriasis.

The people suffering from Psoriasis who applied the creams three times a day for about 12 weeks saw a noticeable change. It was recommended as a potential therapy for the patients.

Besides this, in 2015, the effects of starch fortified turmeric bath were also published wherein a mixture of turmeric and rice starch was used for treating the group who participated in the therapies. Further, yoga massage diet therapy is known to reduce the severity. Thus it was concluded that it could be a low complementary therapy for managing Psoriasis.

Can Ayurveda cure psoriasis completely?

It depends on many factors but majorly ayurvedic can work effectively in psoriasis.

Natural tips for psoriasis

Besides the treatment and other lifestyle changes, here are certain things you can take care of

  • Maintain distance from the possible variables that can worsen the skin condition
  • Avoid peeling, cracking, or scratching the skin
  • Practice yoga regularly as it can help calm the condition
  • Avoid using artificial cleansers. Instead, you can make use of gram flour
  • Make sure you pat dry your skin after bathing as rubbing can cause irritation

Psoriasis Action Plan

  • Use cotton clothes
  • Avoid food that can lead to indigestion issue
  • Avoid cold water for bath
  • Avoid the consumption of acidic food or excessive salt as it can trigger a medical condition.


Psoriasis can be an extremely painful skin condition. To ensure you avoid any pain or discomfort, you must take proper measures at the right time. Starting the Ayurvedic treatment for sure can be extremely beneficial as it will help manage the symptoms without any side effects.

If you are firm to start your treatment today, you can contact Ayushakti to schedule an appointment. They are the best for the treatment. The center has experienced professionals who will ensure to develop a plan that will help get relief from the skin condition.

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Dr.Smita Pankaj Naram is one of the most renowned specialists at Ayushakti. With years of expertise and research, she is now known for providing the best treatment for multiple medical conditions. She is one of the best professionals who can customize the treatment for you. For sure, with her professional guidance and support, the results will be satisfactory.

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