Prader Willi Syndrome is rare syndrome occurs during birth and causes several behavioral, physical as well as mental problems in the child.A constant sense to eat that starts mostly around two years is a common feature of this type of syndrome.Such people never feel full and always need something to eat due to which it becomes difficult for them to control their weight.Obesity can lead to major health problems in patients of Prader Willi syndrome.

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Symptoms of Prader Willi Syndrome

Poor muscle tone, distinct facial features, poor sucking ability, lack of proper coordination in eyes and poor responsiveness are some of the symptoms of this syndrome.


All or any of the above symptoms may cause your healthcare giver to recommend a blood test for detecting this type of disorder.


The children will need both treatment and care such as:

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  • Good nutrition to newborns to help them gain weight
  • Treatment of human growth hormone
  • Sex hormonal treatment
  • Treatment for sleep disturbances
  • Treatment for overall development
  • Overall mental care