Israel is located in the Mediterranean crescent, Israel occupies 9th place among the list of 187 countries in ensuring ideal dietary quality. Considering both good and bad dietary habits of Israeli people, the country has carved a niche for itself among the list of top 10 countries for having the most healthful diets in the world.

The country is honored for its diet rich in vegetables, unsaturated fat, and fish.

Israeli nutrition is healthy nutrition, as it subsumes fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, olive oil, and proteins. Also, Israeli people have a culture of consuming processed food, but not as much as other western countries.

The citizens of Israel or people residing in Israel improve their diet along with the age. Adults in their 50’s and 60’s prefer to consume healthy foods while avoiding the unhealthiest. Learning and understanding the best health habits of Israel people aids us in living a healthy and longer life.

Healthy eating habits of Israel people

  • Around 80% of them said that they eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day. And another 10.9% said that they consume these foods only twice or thrice a week.
  • Most of the residents of Israel, eat foods such as beans and legumes, grains, dietary fiber, milk, omega-3-rich fish & fruits while eating other less unhealthy food, subsuming sugar-sweetened soft drinks, processed meats, and foods with high levels of sodium & trans-fat.
  • When compare to other westerners, Israelis, consume less saturated fat and generally have the lowest rates cholesterol rates in the world.
  • Israel people consume less amount of butter and large quantities of corn, soybean, and safflower oil. Further, the ratio of intake of linoleic to alpha-linolenic acid is 26:1.
  • 41% of Israelis said that their favorite fruit was citrus fruits, whereas another 35% stated that it was watermelon. And 12% declared it was Grapes.
  • Among the vegetables, tomatoes topped the list for 44% of Israelis. Nearly 54% of Israelis love to eat tomatoes in their salads, whereas 18% love to eat them plain and 11% prefer to eat them after cooking.
  • Following tomato, lettuce is another popular vegetable preferred by 19% of respondents. After that cucumber occupied third place.
  • Israel occupied third place in terms of consumption of legumes and sweets. Israeli eat eggs relatively low, whereas consuming a moderate amount of beef and fish.

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According to the sources, Israel comes under the same category as other African nations such as Sierra Leon and Somalia, which have startling hunger rates, however, the research shows that there is no connection between the quality of nutrition and money.

As, the nutrition foods like vegetables and grains, which are considered the healthiest food items are more cost affordable when compared to other processed foods which include preservatives and flavoring.

Amazing Healthy habits of Israel people

The following are some of the healthy eating habits of Israel people:

  • Israelis always fill their plate with colorful fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Israelis' diet includes full of veggies, which means that they prefer to make salads with plenty of hummus & falafel.
  • Adds turmeric flavor to their food items as turmeric contains an unbelievable chemical compound known as curcumin, which combats free radicals & boosts the functioning of the brain.
  • No snacks concept exists in the Israeli diet they eat 3 meals a day including breakfast

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  • Israelis love to drink tea brewed with fresh mint leaves every day to relax
  • A resident of Israel always holds a real food desert. Israelis choose whole foods with ingredients that actually pronounce. For dessert, after dinner, Israelis pick fresh figs directly from the tree but do not pick overly sugared processed foods
  • Israelis cook their food at home with fresh food which is grown nearby.
  • Israelis believe that portion control is vital and thus they are more mindful of the meat portions but never make limits to any veggies.
  • Further, Israelis believe that food is meant to be enjoyed & celebrated. Enjoying food with friends or loved ones creates a beautiful and blissful moment.
  • Around 57% of respondents said their Israeli salads include at least four different vegetables, whereas 38% said they include only three vegetables in their salads.

Studies say that, by 2020, non-communicable diseases will lead to 75% of all deaths. Thus, improving diet plays a crucial role in reducing the issues as it increases the immortality rate. Following the Israeli diet will definitely improve one’s health condition. 

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