Firstly, warm hearty congratulations! as you blessed with a baby. For many couples becoming a parent is an amazing, wonderful and exciting feeling.  

Though, it is a great feeling, many couples’ want to restore back to their routine life, including having sex after childbirth. However, they initially struggle to have sex after baby birth.

Sex after childbirth

The pleasure of having sex after baby birth is an art and it should not be confused with the intimacy you had prior to the childbirth. Sex after childbirth is a common problem faced by many couples, as they accept that intimacy is off with a new baby, because of factors such as lack of sleep, time, or energy.Unknown truths about intimacy after birth

Unknown truths about intimacy after birth

Couples, who aim to resume normal sexual life after childbirth, must look out for many factors. Well, below are few truths or factors that aid you in understanding intimacy.

1.Need some time to heal:

After the childbirth, it is suggested to take rest for four to six weeks prior to resuming intimacy. As, the mother’s birth canal or vagina, had gone through an injury, and it requires time to recover. If there are many tears, the recovery time may even be longer, as sex causes strain on your wound.

2.Must explore ways of intimacy:

If you want to have sex after childbirth, even after doctor’s advice of not letting it, then you and your partner can have fun with foreplay by exploring various intimacy ways that won’t cause any strain on your wound or tear section.   

3.Change in mood:

For initial months, childbirth can be a mood killer, because of hormonal changes, lack of sleep and possible postpartum blues.

4.Concerned about limbo changes:

After childbirth, women concerned about their libido changes and won’t wish to have sex. But, it is vital to understand that those changes are natural and there is nothing to feel guilty about it which you can’t control. If it still bothers you, it is suggested to talk to your partner as he actually understands.

5.Postpartum Depression:

Another major factor that affects sex after childbirth is postpartum blues, a normal emotional state, due to the hormonal changes after pregnancy. If this condition extends over weeks, or so, then probably dealing with postpartum depression or PPD, as this not only put a strain on individuals sexual life, but on their relationship.

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6.Vaginal dryness:

Vaginal dryness is one more side effect after childbirth due to the hormonal changes. The hormone levels reduce drastically after pregnancy as they no longer required for sustaining the pregnancy, due to which it could be difficult to get wet and cause pain during intercourse. However, this vaginal dryness can be overcome with use of lubricants.

7.Get back to normal again:

For most of the recently parented couples, the sexual life during the year post childbirth is full of ups and downs. Thus, it is vital to remember that very soon the things will become normal, unless if the problem is like PPD. However, you might not expect things get back to the honeymoon stage. But after some time, you & your partner settle into a newly transformed relationship with the roles as parents, and can find your sexual life fine.

8.Do kegel exercise:

If you want to resume back your sexual life, it is suggested you do Kegel exercises. As it, aids in toning pelvic muscles and accelerates your postpartum recovery. Also, it improves blood flow, which can lead to more intense sensations while intimating.

9.Take some rest:

After childbirth, it’s time to take rest. Altered sleep patterns may damp your sex drive. Thus, get a grandmother or caretaker to care for kid some time. Also, fatigue declines your energy and sex drive! After taking enough rest, when you become physically strong it’s the time to resume your sexual life.

10.Give some time for injuries:

Irrespective of whether it is a vaginal delivery or by C-section, a mother needs a period of 6 weeks to desist from sex, as cervix needs some time to close, and it has internal tears, stitches that have to be dissolved.

For the initial few sessions after childbirth, it’s best to choose a position where the woman control the pace & depth of penetration. The most suggested position is the woman-on-top position, or both laying side-by-side which is more comfortable.

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