What are the diagnosis, symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder ?

What are the diagnosis, symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder ?

Autism is a growing disorder all over the globe which is found in all the age groups because of change in lifestyle. Before we learn about "Symptoms of Autism" let we discuss briefly what actually Autism means?

Definition of Autism:

Autism is known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in medical terms. It is a brain disorder mainly occurs in children with different mental challenges like social communication, repetitive behavior, different interests, and activities. It is generally found in children and the first one to notice these changes are parents.

People with autism will have their own way of learning things. They learn, speak and behave in different ways compared to normal people. Few may learn very rapidly and few need assistance even for their daily needs.

Research suggested that autistic affected children are attached much to their parents but cannot express themselves are common children do. Autistic people cannot express compared to normal ones. Sometimes they may cry, laugh or do gestures in an inappropriate situation.autism-in-toddlers

People affected with autism disorder have a god gifted knowledge like problem-solving skills, thinking, learning music, dance, art and much more and also easily adoptive for new things easily. In another case few ASD challenged people cannot even remember daily activities.

Autism disorder is seen in children and adults irrespective of age, gender. Symptoms of Autism differ in both toddlers and adults and vary depending upon age.

Symptoms of Autism in Toddlers:

Autistic children will have many challenging issues from the time of weeks after their birth. Only a parent can find the changed behavior of their kids, as they behave and act abnormally compared to normal children. They may affect fully or partially.

Partially affected toddlers will have limited conversations that too only for selected topics and not like regular to and fro conversations.

  • Sleep difficulties or sleeping disorder
  • Repetitive Behavior
  • Babbling Difficulties by 12 months.
  • Speaking Problems still after the completion of 1 year.
  • Facial expressions are not visible much like sounds, smiling, looks, etc.
  • No gestures of any sort which is seen usually in common kids like pointing to something, recognizing and responding to their name when called out.
  • Playing with same toys or arranging toys and rearranging the toys
  • No meaning full two word sentence spoken by kids after the age of 2 years.

Symptoms of Autism in Adults:

Adults with autism will never open up in social gatherings and speak limited on selected topics. They love to be in themselves having their own imaginary world. They generally speak one word answers and most of them don't like to communicate with everyone. Below is the list of Symptoms of Autism in adults.Autism in children

  • Sleeping difficulties faced every night.
  • Repetitive Behavior of the same thing or same situation.
  • Avoids social communication and loves to be alone and within them.
  • Speaks to only selected group of people only if interested.
  • Avoids small gestures also like a smile, handshake, wish, etc.

According to Center of Disease Control located in the USA the statistics are as follows on cure and symptoms of autism.

  • In USA Boys are autistic affected in more number compared to girls.
  • 1 out of 42 boys and 1 out of 189 girls are autistic diagnosed in an average.
  • Autism affects over 3 million people annually only in USA.
  • According to government statistic there is a minimum of 10-17% increase in autism disorder.

If you observed any symptoms of autism in your child or known person, here we are to help you with the brief explanation on Diagnosis of Autism and procedure for it.

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Diagnosis of Autism:

Diagnosis of Autism differs person to person depending upon the condition and stage of the disorder. These treatments help in minimizing the functionality that causes autistic disease and maximizes the healthy brain functionality and also improves lifestyle. The effective treatments available are as follows.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA): This ABA treatment is diagnosed to small children at the age of 5 or even lesser age to improve their behavior and train them in good behavior, learning, playing and others.

Speech therapy: ASD affected people have many difficulties in speaking and conveying their feelings to others. This therapy helps to train people in improving their speaking skills and teach how to speak and react to other people.

Occupational therapy: Occupational therapy is performed to improve sensory issues like their daily chores or daily needs such as dressing, writing, using utensils, doing their own works like using washroom etc. They provide training to autistic people and help them in improving their lifestyle.

Physical therapy: Physical therapy for people with autism disorder helps in developing the ability to live individually and do daily works on their own without any others help. They provide training on walking, standing, sitting, balancing themselves, etc. to have a normal life as all others have.

Remember, whatever the treatment or therapy you provide for an autistic person there should be proper medication which has prescribed by the experienced doctor. Along with medication and therapy, there should be always support of parents, family, and friends who encourage in all the possible forms to improve their health condition and also helps to form a better person.

Autistic challenged children face many physical and mental difficulties as they grow up. It's the duty of parent not to let them down and boost them time to time and provide enough confidence to children. They are just differently challenged people compared to normal people.

Still, there is very less awareness on Autism and symptoms of autism. There should be volunteer efforts from parent and every individual to increase the awareness and importance of halting autism and provide correct information on symptoms of autism and also improve healthy habits to not let any disease enter into the body.

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