Situation of teenage girls in India and in mostly the developing and under undeveloped countries is quite patehtic. In societies where girls and women are still considered secondary and patriarchal custom be in charge, teenage girls still have to live a subordinate life and their health issues are given very little importance.

Some of the major health issues that most of the teenage girls in India face include unawareness about first periods, menstruation, menstrual cramps, unplanned pregnancy, pre-menstrual syndrome, personal hygiene and more.

Lack of proper information of physical hygiene, especially during menstruation, proper diet during growing up years, psychological and physical changes a teenage girl goes through during puberty and as she grows in to an adult are major issues that affect the mental and physical abilities of a girl as she develops into a young woman.

teenage girl

Emotional and Physical Changes in teenage girls

As a small girl reaches puberty she her body and mind both goes through lot of emotional and physical changes.

The hormone levels in her body are constantly changing which is quite natural and she experiences change in her physical appearance like development of breasts, growth of hair in her private parts and a natural attraction towards the opposite sex.

There is no set system in India that will help a teenage girl to come to terms with such changes.

It is very much important that she should be enlightened about menstruation, use of sanitary napkins, necessity to maintain good hygiene and cleanliness and also use of birth control measures to stop the incidences of teenage pregnancies.

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