During the first 3 months of pregnancy eat a healthy and balanced diet full of essential nutrients. Remember that the baby is getting its nutrients from you, the mother.  So, it is essential to discuss with your doctor or dietician to make sure you are eating healthy throughout your pregnancy.

The following food safety checklist needs to be followed:

Diet during the first 3 months of pregnancy || Diet during the first 3 months of pregnancy

  • Consume only thoroughly cooked poultry, meat, and fish.
  • Defrost meat thoroughly before cooking ·Do not let raw meat or eggs come in contact with other food items.
  • Consume pasteurized dairy products only.
  • Avoid processed deli meats and soft cheese (such as camembert and brie).
  • Avoid raw meat, raw seafood, and raw eggs.
  • Reduce your intake of coffee and avoid the consumption of alcohol. Avoid smoking and stop taking drugs.

What to Eat During the First 3 Months of Pregnancy?

To ensure a healthy mother and fetus include the following in your diet during the first month of pregnancy:

  • Include folate-rich foods in your diet as it is important for the development of the fetus and supporting the pregnancy.  Foods rich in folate include potatoes, oranges, asparagus, broccoli, beans, eggs, greens, etc.
  • During the first month of pregnancy diet, vitamin B6 is important.  It can help hamper nausea and vomiting.  Substitute medications for foods that are rich in vitamin B6 like whole grains, bananas, salmon, peanut butter, nuts, etc.

Fruits are mega foods that are rich in vitamins, water content, fibre and antioxidants.  At least 3 servings of fruits taken daily is a good way to start your diet in the first month of pregnancy.

  • Milk is a wonderful source of vitamins, proteins, water, calcium, folic acid, healthy fats, and vitamin D.  Dairy products like yogurt and hard cheeses are the equivalent of a glass of milk.  The daily intake of milk products and milk should come to about one liter.

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  • Iron is the magic mineral essential for maintaining a steady flow of blood for both mother and fetus.  The fetus is provided with nutrients and oxygen with the supply of blood rich in iron.  Add a lot of iron-rich foods in the first month as iron pills will not be prescribed until the fourth month of pregnancy.  To include iron, eat foods like oatmeal, tuna (tinned), beetroot, dried fruits, bran, beans, mutton, and chicken.


Avoid foods that induce contraction like papaya, pineapple, and licorice. Seafood hampers the development of the fetal brain.  So, avoid seafood. Soft cheeses made from unpasteurized milk and packaged and processed food like juices should be avoided.

Along with a healthy and nutritious diet, take the doctor’s advice and start taking multivitamins, folic acid, and vitamin B.All these are essential during the first trimester (first 3 months) of pregnancy.

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