• High calorie diet plan
    August 19, 2016

    A high calorie diet is prescribed for individuals with conditions that result in increased catabolic rate such as burns, infections, cancer, fractures, surgery, fevers, while the condition of underweight may arise due to starvation, diabetes, malabsorption syndrome, psychological factors, gastro intestinal disturbances or increased physical activity.

    A high calorie diet consists of a high amount of calories along with proteins and other nutrients.

    High calorie diet foods

    High calorie food

    Principle of the diet:

    A high calorie, high carbohydrates, moderate proteins, moderate fat, highly vitaminised and mineralized, low fiber and normal diet is recommended.

    Foods to be included:

    High carbohydrate sources like dried fruits, desserts, jam, juices, soups, jellies, easily digestible foods like porridges, cutlets, desserts, milk, kheer etc. all cereals and pulses, easily digestible fats and high calorie fatty foods such as cream, butter etc can also be included.

    Foods to be avoided:

    High fiber containing foods like whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits should be used in restricted amounts as fiber present can hinder total nutrient absorption. These foods can be used in combination with high calorie foods i.e. simple carbohydrates and fats.

    Sample high calorie diet plan :

    TimingsMenu Servings
    Early morning Milk+ honey1 glass
    Lentil dhal
    Tomato chutney
    2 no.’s
    1 cup
    ¼ cup
    1 no.
    Mid morning fruit bowl (Watermelon, apple, guava)1 serving
    Veg fried rice
    Minced meat curry
    2 no.’s
    1 serving
    1 cup
    1 cup
    Eveningegg sandwich
    Butter milk
    1 serving
    1 glass
    Dinner rice
    Green gram dhal
    Potato curry
    Salad (cucumber)
    1 cup
    1 serving
    Bed time orange juice1 glass

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