Over the years homeopathy has proven

its importance and many people prefer it to contemporary medicines. This branch of medicine has grown from being just an alternative treatment to a mode of treatment that also offers invasive and non-invasive options. Our portal provides you detailed information about the different healthcare and treatment centers dedicated to homeopathy and related specialized treatments.

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Low calorie diet plan

low calorie diet plan

A low calorie diet is indicated for individuals who are overweight or obese or require weight reduction. These are the conditions in which there is endless deposit of body fat, an imbalance in energy intake verses energy expenditure is associated with increased incidence of many diseased states like hypertension, diabetes, gall bladder disorders, CVD, etc.This diet provides less calorie but adequate proteins, vitamins, minerals and fluid.

Hypothyroidism Diet Plan : Foods for Underactive Thyroid

Hypothyroidism diet

Are you suffering from hypothyroidism problem? If yes, then understanding the basic principles of hypothyroidism diet, & learning the basics on controlling hypothyroidism naturally, without medication is very essential. With a proper Hypothyroidism diet, the disease can be controlled and treated easily. People suffering from hypothyroidism experience difficulty in losing weight and seek ways to follow an ideal “Hypothyroidism diet” that help

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What is Mental Depression? How To Prevent It?

Everyone goes through difficulties in life. But if you cannot tackle being desperate and empty, it eventually leads to mental depression. It can be overwhelming at times just to get through the day. However, bad the situation may be you can always get over it and enjoy life just as you did once before.

But for that, it is very

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What is Mud Therapy?

Mud directly corresponds to Earth, which is one of the five elements that make up the universe. Since ages, mud has been used for treating various diseases. Research says that mud rejuvenates and refreshes your entire body and wards off lethargy. Mud Therapy is extremely beneficial for treating skin diseases and healing wounds. The complete mud treatment includes mud bath and mudpack.

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