• Hypertension Diet : Healthy diet plan for Hypertension
    October 6, 2015

    Hypertension is elevated blood pressure. The normal systolic pressure is 120mm Hg and diastolic pressure is 80mm Hg. But during hypertension the pressure is increased to 160mm Hg/95mm Hg.

    Principle of diet:

    A normal calorie, normal protein, complex carbohydrates, low fat, low sodium, and high potassium diet should be provided.

    • If the patient is obese low calorie diet should be provided.
    • As they are prone to atherosclerosis it is advisable to avoid high intake of fats.
    • Complex carbohydrates should be provided.
    • Moderate restriction of sodium reduces diastolic pressure by 6-10mm Hg and enhances blood pressure.
    • A high potassium diet should be given because low levels of it cause the body to retain sodium and water.

    Foods to be included for Hypertension diet:

    Grains, vegetables, fruits (fruits and vegetables are good sources of potassium), skimmed milk, lean meat, and certain fish can be given.

    Vitamin A food sources for Hypertension diet

    Vitamin A

    Foods to be avoided for Hypertension diet:

    Salt in cooking or at the table, ajinomoto, baking powder, preserved foods such as pickles, canned foods, potato chips, papads, ketchup, sauce, baked foods such as biscuits, cakes, peanut butter, frozen peas, shell fish, and dry fish, etc.

    papads should be avoided for Hypertension diet


    Sample diet for hypertension

    Timings MenuServings
    Early morning Tea1 cup
    Chole curry
    Chickoo fruit
    2 no.’s
    1 serving
    1 no.
    Mid morning Banana milk shake
    1 glass
    Lunch Rice
    Tomato dhal
    Liver curry
    2 servings
    1 serving
    1 serving
    1 cup
    Tea time Fruit custard 2 cups
    Cluster beans curry
    Gogu dhal
    1 no
    2 servings
    1 serving
    1 serving
    1 serving
    1 cup
    Bed time Butter milk 1 glass

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