• Low calorie diet plan
    August 20, 2016

    A low calorie diet is indicated for individuals who are overweight or obese or require weight reduction. These are the conditions in which there is endless deposit of body fat, an imbalance in energy intake verses energy expenditure is associated with increased incidence of many diseased states like hypertension, diabetes, gall bladder disorders, CVD, etc.This diet provides less calorie but adequate proteins, vitamins, minerals and fluid.

    low calorie diet foods

    Low calorie foods

    Principle of diet:

    A low calorie, adequate calories, vitamins and mineral, high fiber, low fat and high fluids should be provided.

    • High amount of fiber content help in finding the fat and makes it unavailable for absorption.
    • Small amounts of carbohydrates provide hips in maintaining body stores of glycogen.

    Foods to be included:

    Pulses, vegetables like peas, brinjal, ladies finger etc which are rich in fiber, fruits like guava, pomegranate, grapes, water melon and citrus fruits, fruit juices, soups and salads can be given.

    Foods to be avoided:

    Roots and tubers, whole cereals, whole milk, meat, figs, dates, nuts and oil seeds, fried foods, bakery foods, ice creams, butter, cheese, ghee and sugars should be avoided.

    Sample low calorie diet plan :

    Timings Menuservings
    Early morning sago water 1 glass
    BreakfastPhulka with Tomato chutney2 no.’s
    Mid morning lemon juice 1 glass
    Red gram dhal
    Spinach curry
    Salad (cucumber)
    2 cups
    1 cup
    1 cup
    1 serving
    Tea time upma
    1 serving
    1 no
    DinnerVegetable soup
    French beans curry
    Butter milk
    1 cup
    1 cup
    1 cup
    1 cup
    Bed time orange juice 1 glass

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