• Menopause Diet
    September 4, 2015

    Menopause is associated with menstruation in women. All the women experience the end of reproductive period after their forties that is the menopause phase. For some women the symptoms may start in the early forties but it may take couple of years more for the actual menstruation to stop. On the other hand, few lucky women never experience any troubling symptoms and have an easy transition from menstruation phase to menopause.



    Principle of diet:

    Foods rich in iron, folic acid and proteins should be taken.
    • Folic acid helps in formation of blood.
    • Anaemia can be seen in certain cases. In that case iron and folic acid supplements should be given.
    • Brussels sprouts are rich source of folate, fiber and contain higher vitamins.
    • Adequate amounts of fluids should be taken as they are necessary for protein break down.

    Foods to be included Menopause diet:

    Brussels sprouts , lentils , beans , potatoes ,tomato, beet root , oat meal, brown rice , puffed rice , water melon , apricots , broccoli , spinach , jaggery , meat , eggs , milk ,amaranth , soya beans ,black gram dhal , citrus fruits, almonds , corn , carrot , okra , peas , asparagus, fish , etc.

    Beetroot should be included for Menopause diet


    Sample Diet Plan:

    Timings MenuServings
    Early morning Milk 1 glass
    Breakfast Alu parata
    Boiled egg
    2 no.’s
    1 no.
    Mid morning Chicken / veg soup
    1 bowl
    Lunch Kichidi
    Carrot slices/water melon
    2 Katori
    1 cup
    1 serving
    Tea time Puffed rice poha
    1 serving
    5 no.’s
    DinnerBrown rice
    Ladies finger curry
    1 Katori
    2 no.’s
    1 katori
    1 cup
    Bed time Orange juice 1 glass

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