How And When To Have Sex After A Heart Attack?

How And When To Have Sex After A Heart Attack?

People who have suffered heart attack may have a misconception about carrying sexual activity but the experts states that people can carry out sex when their symptoms are under control. The patients can do sex after a heart attack when they are not stressed or pressurized.

The cardiologists have also found that people who do sex have less chance of developing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

When can Patients Perform Sex after a Heart Attack?

Sex is related to healthy living and is regarded as safe for most of the people even after they suffer a heart attack .

Patients can go ahead with the sexual activity after regaining health as they can practice moderate activity, walking or can go for an exercising electrocardiogram to check their heart health. This will help in acknowledging the patient's health and helps in deciding whether they can go for sex or not. 

Sex is a Safe Exercise

For Cardiac Rehabilitation, From one of the yashoda hospital somajiguda doctors tells about exercise regime that the patients need to follow as this also consumes the same amount of energy as sex. Therefore, a precise answer is Yes, patients can resume sexual activity after detailed consultation with their doctor and partner. Sex is safe for your heart as people can practice it after seeking out the severity of the heart attack.

Be Cautious while Performing Sex

The best cardiologists state that the patients should be cautious while performing sexual activity after a heart attack. The Erectile Disfunction after a heart attack will help the patients to know the right time for having sex.  

  • For taking medications related to sexual dysfunction, one needs to consult the cardiologist.
  • Viagra drug does not mix well with the nitroglycerin so it may cause high blood pressure.
  • Stop and Rest if the patient faces irregular heartbeat during sexual activity.
  • Medical Attention should be taken if shortness of breath is felt during sex.

Do not Hesitate for Consultation

Most of the patients hesitate to talk to the cardiologist about resuming the sex with their partner, as they are concerned and worried about sex after myocardial infarction. Patients can consult the best Interventional cardiologist in Hyderabad and ask questions related to sexual activity. The doctor provides proper consultation to you and your partner on foreplay, a timing for sex, intake of meals, facing any kind of angina symptoms, etc. 

Resuming Sex after a Heart Attack

The best cardiac surgeon in Hyderabad states that the person can resume sexual activity after he or she feels healthy. The sex and heart attack risk is not at all related, as it is seen that for a quality life, people can go for healthy sexual experiences. People can talk to their cardiologist, and when the doctor feels you are healthy, then the patient can move ahead with sex.

Top 50 Tips To Take Care While Performing Sex After Heart Attack

heart attack

The best cardiologist in Kukatpally Hyderabad provides various heart care tips that are related to ed after a heart attack or to the resuming of sex after a heart attack. Here are some of the 50 useful tips:

1.Removing Misconception about Sex and Heart Attack:

According to some studies shown, it is found that sex can trigger a heart attack. But, in reality, can sex cause a heart attack is absolutely minimal in millions as healthy people can practice sex after consulting their doctor.

2.Consultation with Cardiologist:

One can consult a cardiologist or health care professional after undergoing heart surgery or suffering heart attack about sexual activity. If the doctor finds the patient fit then they can go for sexual activity in accordance.

3.Getting a Stress Test:

Your partner can take you for stress or a treadmill test that will help the doctor to know about heart health. The doctor will suggest about cardio after treatment and can rehab the person about having sexual activity with a partner.

4.Treating Impotency after Heart Attack:

Most of the heart patients are on nitrate drugs and a relationship has been found with impotency. A patient can stop heart drugs related to nitrate after consultation and can take some mild drugs for keeping their heart healthy, as there will be no impotence after a heart attack.

5.Reduce the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease:

The risk of coronary heart disease can be reduced only if the person quits smoking. The chain smokers need to quit smoking as this can put a bad effect on their heart and effect energy involvement during sex.

6.Wait after a Heavy Meal:

It is advised by the cardiologists that people should not resume sexual activity after a heavy meal. They should at least wait for one to three hours for digestion of the meal.

7.Get Health Checkups:

The people who have suffered acute chest pain or a mild heart attack, their partner should get health checkups done at regular intervals. This will help them to know about sugar level, erectile dysfunction or High Blood pressure.

8.Avoid Physical Inactivity:

The patients who want to go ahead with sex after suffering a heart attack should go for physical activities like jogging or brisk walking. This will help them to remain active and they should go for cardio exercises by consulting health professionals.

9.Intake of Wine:

One can take less amount of wine with their meals and as per research, the Red Wine is great for heart patients. It contains antioxidants and the Flavonoids that reduce the heart disease risk. Too much alcohol intake should be avoided before sex.

10.Helping Partner with Self Care:

If your partner has suffered a heart attack then it is necessary to help him out in the self-care. This will reduce the symptoms of high blood pressure or rising cholesterol if they are having medication on time.

11. Stenting Improves Sex Life:

After being operated for the heart attack condition and inclusion of stents, the clots in the arteries are opened. The sex after heart attack stent is said to improve and people are now able to get more socialize too.

12.Be Aware of the Anxiety Problem:

The anxiety on the part of the partner who has suffered heart attack can cause disruption in the sexual performance and arousal. So, this state should be conveyed to the doctor.

13.Get tested for Depression Symptoms:

It is usually seen that sex and heart attack risk can increase with the depression in males and females. For this, the doctor checks you for depression and prescribes medicines accordingly for improving sex life too.

14.Follow Best Practices for Sex:

People can start with the normal position for resuming the sexual activities. Most of the sex positions can be taxing and may take much energy, so one should start slowly if he/she has suffered a heart attack and they can take 6-8 weeks to resume.

15.Get Indulge in Sexual Activity:

Sex has its own place in one's life as it helps in lowering down depression and anxiety symptoms in a person. Therefore, the partners should indulge in sexual activity after taking advice from their cardiologist.

16.Be Happy and Cheerful:

The patients who have suffered a heart attack or even other people also should remain happy and cheerful. This will help in practicing better sexual regime as it will control the blood pressure level and anxiety.

17.Inculcating New Thinking:

The partners should inculcate new thinking if they have suffered a heart attack. This will help them to keep aloof from the negative thoughts and they will remain busy with new ideas and admire their partner's company.

18.Choose Comfortable Place for Sex:

People should choose a comfortable and peaceful place that is not having any kind of interruption. This will help in carrying out a sexual activity without any difficulty. 

19.Getting Intimate with Partner:

The mild intimacy and body touch with your partner can help in dealing with the stressful time. The ed solutions for heart patients is that they can go for a hug, foreplay or even touching the hands can make them feel better.

20.Safe Return to Sex:

After an individual has undergone heart surgery and their incision has been healed properly than with the advice of their surgeon, they can go ahead with the sexual activity. Sex is seen as a moderate exercise that proves good for heart health too.

21.Check your Blood Pressure:

The high blood pressure is much talked about as it triggers a heart attack or induces chest pain. In this case, it becomes important to get your blood pressure checked from the cardiologist if you are looking forward to resuming sex.

22.Be Frank with your Doctor:

One should be frank with their doctor about resuming of sexual activity after a heart attack. People can take their partner along and they should talk about their worries and take guidance about the right time for performing sex.

23.Walking an Extra Mile:

People who have developed symptoms of heart disease or have suffered a heart attack can curb it with the help of walking. The patients can refer health professionals or trainers to know about exact kilometers they need to undertake.

24.Relax during and after Sex:

If you are going for the sexual activity post operation then it is necessary to relax during and after sex. This will help your heart to beat normally and the energy will be regained. Even the sex after heart attack stent will not prove difficult for a person.

25.Check out For Angina Symptoms:

If you are about to resume sexual activity with your partner then one should check for any kind of chest pain or angina symptoms. The patient should stop doing sex if he/she has faced this condition or can take medication.

26.Go for Comfortable Sex Position:

The people with a heart condition should choose the comfortable sex position. This will help in relieving any kind of stress and the consumption of energy will be moderate.

27.Ask your Partner to Actively Participate:

The heart attack patient who is resuming the sexual activity can ask their partners to participate more and take an active role in doing the sexual activity. This will provide rest to the patient and they can enjoy too.

28.Socialize Yourself:

One should socialize them in order to get rid of the stress of daily life. This will also help in cutting down on the heart risk as people will be mingling with other people and the negative thoughts will not make any place in their mind.

29.Consult about Sexual Problems:

If the heart patient is suffering from erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness then they should consult their cardiologists about any kind of medication. As many medicines may not go well with heart medications given by doctors.

sex after a heart attack

30.Doing Alternate Speeding:

With the improvement in physical activity, the sex after myocardial infarction can be improved. People can induce alternate speed while running will help you to lose weight and gain energy level in the body.

31.Go for Rowing Activity:

According to a research, the rowing helps in circulating more blood in the body in comparison to running. The Rowing activities involve more muscle usage that causes the blood to flow accordingly keeping the heart diseases at bay.

32.Daily Dosage of Vitamin B:

People who consume the diet that is lower in Vitamin B can develop the risk of heart attack. Whereas, the people who are having a daily consumption of this Vitamin B supplement are less likely to face a heart attack.

33.Consuming Garlic Bread:

Garlic is known for lowering the risk of heart attack and helps in lowering the cholesterol level in the body. The ed after heart attack involves guiding the patient and to tell them about the healthy diet in which garlic bread is the one.

34.Know about Your Sexual Ability:

According to the new study, the heart patients can go for sexual activity if the metabolic equivalent is coming between three to five Mets. It is seen that if the activities like walking, golfing, cycling or climbing stairs are not causing chest pain then resuming sexual activity will also not lead to any symptoms of heart attack.

35.Have Your Breakfast:

It is known as the golden meal and the people who take healthy breakfast every morning are less likely to attract the symptoms of heart disease. They are known to get less overweight and this can help them to actively participate in sex too. 

36.Trim on Meals:

One should keep a trim on their meals and should get along with a nutritious diet. They should go ahead with the green vegetables and meals in portions instead of going for the big meal in one go.

37.Eat Healthily! Think Better:

One should include various minerals, vitamins, B Complexes, Vitamin A etc. in their meals. This will also affect the thinking of the person who has suffered a heart attack, as they will be able to inculcate positive thoughts.

38.Stay Hydrated:

Water is the lifeline for your heart, as the person should take nearly 8-ounces of water that will help in preventing their heart from working overtime. This will keep the people hydrated and by sipping the water throughout the day will help them not to get dehydrated.

39.Train with the Weights:

For heart patients, cardio exercises and aerobic exercises are must and this will help them in the reduction of weight. Even training with the weights will help you in improving your muscle mass and cutting out on the fats.

40.Take ample of rest

An individual should take ample of rest, as this will help in cutting down on many health issues and treating the heart health. One should promote a greater sleeping environment in order to take ample of rest and get rid of cardiovascular diseases.

41.Do not Let Obesity Hit:

Obesity is one of the prime factors that lead a person to heart attack because of excessive weight. The weight of a person should be distributed in an even manner so that one should not face the condition of a heart attack.

42.Stand in between long sitting hours:

Most of the people have much sitting hours in front of PC or laptop and this can cause them to become overweight. In this case, one should stand in between and can have a mild walk after their lunch. 

43.Join the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program:

An individual should join the cardiac rehabilitation program after the heart attack. This will help them to remain physically active and they can participate well in sexual activity too.

44.Consumption of Egg:

According to the doctors, the intake of scrambled egg helps in maintain the betaine level in the body and they have lower saturated fat. The eggs help in maintaining the heart in a good shape.

45.Grilling a Steak:

One can go ahead with eating beef as this contains monounsaturated fat and is heart healthy too. It contains homocysteine that lowers Vitamin B and the immunity boosting selenium to keep a healthy heart.

46.Doing More Crunches:

A healthy exercising schedule helps a person to maintain their belly fat and an overall weight that helps them to reduce the risk of heart diseases. Even the people who do the crunches daily are less likely to suffer the symptoms of heart attack.

47.Eating Beans:

People should eat beans in their meals, as they are a source of cholesterol-lowering fiber and homocysteine that lowers the Folate. People who have beans have 22 % lower risk of having any kind of heart disease.

48.Have Honey instead of Sugar:

In order to lower the heart risk or the patients of a heart attack can take the natural sweetener honey. It has varied antioxidant qualities that help in curbing the cardiovascular disease.

49.Screening for Cholesterol level:

It becomes important for a person to be checked up for the cholesterol level after the age of 20 years at least once in 4 to 6 years because of improper diet. After people attain the age of 50 years, they should get it screened at regular intervals.

50.Black Currant Intake:

One can top their toast with the blackcurrant jelly as this is the fine source of antioxidants and improves the heart health. It helps in preventing the formation of free radicals that can damage the arterial walls of a person.

Recovering From Heart Attack

With the advice from the best pediatric cardiologist who usually treats, infants and children heart issues but can also treat adult issues too. They provide following guidelines for recovering from heart attack and remove the myth about sex after myocardial infarction:-

  • After recovering from the heart attack, people should not rush out to have sex, as they should see the severity of their attack.
  • People who have suffered a mild heart attack can resume sexual activity slowly and gradually after a couple of weeks. However, heart patients who have undergone angioplasty should wait for their incision to heal and consult the doctors in both the cases.
  • For effective treatment of the erectile dysfunction and heart disease, a person should consult their cardiologist or health professional.
  • The physical trainer or the specialist should advise exercise program for the heart attack patient so that they can remain active and can perform sexual activity too.
  • One should not leave their stomach empty and can have six or more small meals in a day.
  • Heart patients can spread their regular activities throughout the day so that they do not feel tired even if they want to go for sex too.

The patients of heart attack should go for the Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme if need consult Yashoda hospital somajiguda appointment system for  good healthy life and can resume sex after a heart attack stent.

The idea of a better life can only be initiated in heart patients with healthy eating, resuming sex after proper consultation and positive thinking.

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