How does an Oxygen Chamber Work?

How does an Oxygen Chamber Work?

An oxygen chamber is used in a hyperbaric oxygen therapy process to provide pure oxygen in a pressurized environment. This oxygen chamber is used for treating a range of different ailments, including physical and mental conditions

.They can accelerate the healing process of a wound when the person is suffering from diabetes.

Let's see how hyperbaric oxygen therapy works.

The process of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy(HBOT)

The body's tissues require an ample amount of oxygen supply when injured. The oxygen level may rise higher in the blood with the help of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Not only during the therapy but after the treatment ends, the impact of the therapy keeps higher oxygen levels in tissues.

A number of health conditions are being treated using an oxygen chamber. From a crushing physical injury to traumatic brain injury, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can contribute majorly to the healing process.

The regular clothes of the patient must be replaced with a gown or other suitable clothing when beginning the therapy. The electronic devices and lighters are restricted in the chamber for safety purposes. Other skin care products based on petroleum must also be removed as they may trigger a fire.

When the person steps into the oxygen chamber, he encounters 2-3 times more pressure than usual. Due to high pressure, the person may feel a strange sensation in his ears similar to the feeling at higher altitudes. The therapy may last from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Most health experts suggest repeating this therapy for better results. The number of required sessions also depends on a patient's medical condition. Some issues may require more sessions than others.

A health care practitioner can suggest the number of sessions required by a patient according to the problem to be treated. For instance, a person suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning may heal in just one oxygen booking.

Whereas treating soft tissue necrosis may require about eight or above sessions. After the therapy ends, the patient may feel hunger or a headache. These are just temporary and may go away after some time. 

Benefits of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy(HBOT):

Reduces swelling and heals injuries:

The oxygen levels are uplifted inside an oxygen chamber, allowing the blood to carry plenty of oxygen to the wounded areas. The blood enriched-in oxygen heals the tissues of the injured area. Patients having severe injuries can benefit from this treatment.

Cancer treatment:

Cancer treatments are merely done with chemotherapy and radiation, which leaves several side effects on a person's body. HBOT is known for its benefits in weakening these side effects and helping the body to heal quickly.

Besides, HBOT is referred to as a treatment that hinders the growth of cancerous cells in the body.

Carbon monoxide poisoning treatment:

The number of people poisoned by carbon monoxide is increasing day by day. The use of HBOT is one of the best treatment procedures being referred to by medical care professionals.

The chambers are enriched with oxygen, throw the carbon monoxide out of the body and heal the patients quickly. This therapy is also helpful in reducing brain inflammation caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Final words

Not only just the benefits mentioned above, but HBOT is also being used vastly to cure numerous other mental and physical conditions. This painless treatment method is being adopted largely across the world.

Anyone can buy an oxygen chamber from one of the several sellers in different regions. These chambers vary in terms of features, designs, functionality and quality. As one of the major parts of the health care treatments, most hospitals and clinics are facilitating their patients with HBOT.


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