How To Get Hollywood Smile? Tips from Dr.Nabil Mockbil -Dubai

How To Get Hollywood Smile? Tips from Dr.Nabil Mockbil -Dubai


If you were naturally born with a glam smile and a perfect set of teeth, lucky you! Not many people have this feature, so you should take good care of your gems.

But if you’re looking for aesthetic solutions to your less-than-perfect smile, there are plenty of options but going for a Hollywood Smile might be the best option.

If this topic sounds intriguing to you, then you might want to continue reading!

What is a Hollywood Smile?

A Hollywood Smile, my friend, is a cosmetic procedure that corrects a broad array of aesthetic problems, giving you a perfect set of teeth and restoring your glowing grin.

It is supposed to be a complete makeover and reconstruction of your upper and lower jaws to give you your desired smile.

A Hollywood Smile procedure can use teeth straightening, teeth whitening, veneers, Lumineers, bondings, and more

This is determined on a case-by-case basis in which the particular situation of your teeth is taken into consideration to create a customized treatment plan specifically tailored to fit your needs.

Hollywood Smile

What are the Benefits of Hollywood Smile?

People usually opt for a Hollywood Smile because it fixes a bunch of dental impairments at the same time. Depending on your case as the patient, you can achieve many benefits through getting a Hollywood Smile.

These benefits include:

Getting your teeth’ pearly color restored after having dark, yellow, or stained teeth. This can be achieved through teeth whitening or using veneers/Lumineers.

  • Fixing any broken or chipped teeth in addition to repairing worn tooth substances.
  • Straightening your crooked teeth to look like pearls perfectly aligned on a string.
  • Painlessly closing the gaps between your teeth.
  • Regaining lost bite height.
  • Having an attractive smile with a uniform appearance.
  • Choosing the exact shade of white that you want and suits you best.

How Does It Work?

Before undergoing any procedure, you should first get a cosmetic consultation performed by your dental care provider, with whom you will discuss your smile desires and main concerns.

Your dentist might start with fixing present issues like cavities or inflammation before getting into later details.

After that, you will have x-rays, a 3shape 3D scan, and photos of your teeth, smile, and face taken in order to fabricate a digital design for your smile and how the final results will look like.

After you approve of the smile design, you still have another chance to decide because you have the opportunity to try a mock-up of your new smile that is transferred into your mouth without altering your tooth substance yet.

This live view of how the final results will look on you helps you big time in making up your mind. You might decide that some aspects need to be changed or you can stick to the same smile design. Now after the veneers are fabricated as per your needs and mouth measurements and need to go on the front of your teeth, your dentist needs to create room for the veneers.

This is done by filing down your teeth to remove the enamel layer before the veneers are attached using cement. Now you have a Hollywood Smile and all you need to do is smile and show it off.

What Does The Aftercare Look Like?

After you’ve gone through this whole process and have a beaming smile, the least you should do is maintain it and take care of it.

To make it better for you, all you need to do is maintain healthy oral hygiene and that’s it; no rocket science involved!

  1. Brush twice a day, floss regularly, and use an antibacterial mouth wash.
  2. Try to stay away from foods and drinks that can stain your teeth such as tea, coffee, food dyes, etc.
  3. Consider quitting smoking or at least cutting back the amount as it stains your teeth and weakens the gums.
  4. You should also go for dental check-ups every once in a while to keep your Hollywood Smile as shiny as ever.

What are Exceptions For The Process?

Although it is considered a simple and convenient procedure, some factors can disqualify you from getting a Hollywood Smile:

  • If you’re a young patient who hasn’t yet reached maximum jaw maturity (children and teenagers)
  • If you suffer from tooth growth problems
  • If you have braces on
  • If you have lost a large number of teeth
  • If you have severe gum infections

These factors don’t prevent you from getting a Hollywood Smile forever, but they first have to be fixed/treated in order to perform the procedure.

A perfect smile, hands down, increases your chances both socially and professionally. But whether you lost your smile to lack of care, smoking, or an accident, a Hollywood Smile procedure can restore it for you.

Don’t lose confidence in yourself; beautiful teeth aren’t reserved for the rich and famous anymore. Now, you have many options that are convenient for you and reasonably priced as well.

Have the smile of your dreams!


Author: Dr. Nabil Mockbil - From Swedish Dental Clinic in Dubai Marina


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