Cellulite is like the dimpled skin you usually see on your thighs and hips. However, it can also bulge in other places, like your stomach.

Even though cellulite doesn't have any health risks on its own, many health-conscious people would rather get rid of it to make the dimples less visible. However, not everyone knows what cellulite is and how they can actually get rid of it.

So, through this article, we'll talk about what causes cellulite and what you can possibly do to get rid of it.

What Makes Your Stomach Have Cellulite?

The bumpy texture of cellulite is mainly caused due to fatty tissue that accumulates deep in your skin, pushing against your connective tissue.

Any body part, including the stomach, can have cellulite. It happens most often in places with more fat tissue.

Cellulite can happen to both women and men, but it happens to women pretty often. Researchers have found that around 90% of women suffer from this cellulite issue.

Age is also an especially important factor. Cellulite shows up more as you age because your skin gets thinner. However, by the time most people are in their 30s, they tend to notice their first cellulite.

Family history and genes can also result in cellulite. For instance, if your grandparents or parents had cellulite, then there are chances that you might also have cellulite somewhere in the future. 

Other Factors that Can Cause Stomach Cellulite

Here are some of the additional factors that can contribute to stomach cellulite:

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Pregnancy: Certain women get cellulite on their stomachs, especially during pregnancy or post-pregnancy. They gain a lot of weight in a very short time, and their estrogen levels tend to stay pretty high during this time.

Diet: If you don't get enough water and vegetables with antioxidants in them, your skin can surely lose collagen and then appear seriously dehydrated. Both of these things can make your cellulite more obvious over time.

Weight fluctuations: When you gain or lose a lot of your weight, your skin can surely get stretched out, which can cause your fat cells to enlarge.

Possible Ways You Can Cut Down Cellulite

Even though some products advertise that they can completely get rid of cellulite from your stomach, research has shown that these don’t have that much of an effect.

However, there are surely ways you can effectively get rid of those bumpy textures and get positive results.

Below are some of the most common methods that you can apply to get rid of unwanted fat and cellulite with regular and consistent use:

1. Light Therapy

Studies have found that light therapy can show excellent results in making your stomach look slim and aid in getting rid of your cellulite. However, experts recommend that you consistently use this therapy to make the most out of your stomach fat.

2. Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is used for many skin problems and may even help reduce your cellulite look. It even works by getting more blood to the area that needs it. This could make your skin look less saggy by making it tighter.

Moreover, these laser treatments for your cellulite might help reduce the fat amount in the area being treated and make your skin thicker over time.

3. Consistent Massage

A professional massage aids in loosening up tight muscles and can even help your body drain lymph fluid and move blood around better.

Massage may also improve the skin's look and make your cellulite less noticeable by getting rid of toxins and increasing blood flow.

However, the drawback is that it's not usually massaged because the stomach is so sensitive. Using a foam roller on your stomach at home can still get the same benefits as a massage.

4. Tissue Released With a Vacuum

Most dermatologists use a tool with small sharp blades to cut through cellulite bands to get rid of them. This lets the tissue move up, which can aid in making your dimpled skin appear less noticeable. However, this method of treatment might not be suitable for everyone, and you need strong recommendations from your doctor to proceed with such treatment.

5. Cellfina

This overall process involves inserting needles under the skin to break the tough and robust bands that cause cellulite.

Even though this entire procedure can easily reduce cellulite buildup for around 3 years, the FDA has approved it for use only on the buttocks and thighs. So, this method might not be appropriate for your stomach.

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Bottom Line

So, if you want to get rid of your stomach cellulite, then using light therapy can be one of the most effective methods. This is because this method has no severe adverse effects and you can easily get rid of your stomach dimples with regular and consistent use.

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