Hair Care : Is Mehendi Better Than Hair Colour

Hair Care : Is Mehendi Better Than Hair Colour

The hair dye battle is a hot topic in the health and beauty industry. The Internet is flooded with the questions like Henna vs. Hair dye, which one is better, mehendi or Chemical hair dyes? What is the difference between Henna and Hair color? 

In this article, let's dive deep and find a single answer to these many questions.

Hair color changes one's personality. Hair coloring has existed for centuries. Henna (Mehendi) and chemical hair colors are the only differences. Both hair dyes have pros and cons.

Let's start with Henna 

Mehndi, or Henna, grows in hot, dry climates and is Harvested in dried, and ground leaves are used to color hair, skin, and nails. 

Henna dyes and treats hair naturally. Henna provides natural-looking hair color without the damage of synthetic dyes. Henna protects the cuticle and makes it shine.


India has been using Henna for centuries for a reason. Henna, in its natural state, is harmless. It strengthens and smoothes your hair shaft, making it shiny and strengthening hair.

It fades slowly and does not damage the hair cortex. The Henna covers well and gets darker with each application. 


Henna has no hair color options. Kali mehendi and other dyed variants of Henna lose their chemical-free benefits. You cannot dye your hair every month, and mehendi can cause unpredictable results.

Mehendi is drying, so you need a deep conditioning treatment afterward. Applying Henna is messy and time-consuming.

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Let's Check the Chemical dye


The chemical dye lets you change your hair color whenever you want and offers a wide range of colors. It is faster and less messy than Henna.


Chemical hair dyes have more drawbacks than benefits. Dye allergies, hair loss, lupus, asthma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and dementia have been documented.

These severe side effects dyes can also over-process your hair, stripping the cuticle and making it porous. Consider the cost of touch-ups for hair coloring.

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Henna is generally a preferable solution to hair dye. Henna is all-natural and free of harmful chemicals. Additionally, it has conditioning qualities that can help to enhance the state of the hair.

While both henna and hair colors have advantages and disadvantages, hair colors are a better option for those who enjoy experimenting with various hair colors.

Hair colors also produce quick results, are simpler to use than Henna, and create less mess. Therefore, be aware of your hair type, needs, and long-term hair coloring objectives before deciding.


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