Thyrocare Offers upto 70 % Off * for Healthy Life

Thyrocare Offers upto 70 % Off * for Healthy Life


On this COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is thinking about health. including the younger generation. we have so many options to take care of our health including exercise, yoga, meditation, wellness, and many ways we can manage our health properly.

Very the best options are available now for our health purpose, So those are PREVENTIVE HEALTH CHECKUPS from Thyrocare Packages.


Thyrocare Laboratories is one of the best laboratories in India equipped with world technologies and machines to test blood samples to know the status of the health.

Thyrocare Offers 

Thyrocare introduced many preventive health checkup packages for wellbeing purposes and manage any health issues properly without affecting seriously on our health purpose. is working in association with thyrocare to provide health checkup services online with approximately more than 3000 locations in India

Thyrocare offers from plus100years  now up to 70 % * off on many health checkups.

thyrocare offers

List of the Thyrocare Packages 

  • Aarogyam C   
  • Anandam a
  • Anandam B
  • Anandam C
  • Aarogyam 1.1
  • Aarogyam 1.2
  • Aarogyam 1.3
  • Aarohyam 1.5
  • Aarogyam 1.6
  • Aarogyam X
  • Food Intolerance 
  • Lipid Profile 
  • HBa1c
  • Vitamin Profile 
  • Infertility Test 
  • Liver Function Test 
  • T3 T4 TSH
  • Thyroid advanced Test
  • Diabetic Profile C
  • Cardiac Risk Markers 
  • PCOD Profile 
  • Advanced Renal Profile 
  • Obesity, and may more 

Every Health Checkup contains Parameters related to that test.

plus100years in association with thyrocare is offering more thyrocare offers on health checkup packages that are available at affordable cost, some packages are below Rs.250.

thyrocare offers

Book Now for your family, friends, and thyrocare couple offer also there here, save money and be happy with good health 

Know More Details about the Offers: WhatsApp : 7989927156  or

Thyrocare offers are available at all cities : Thyrocare Delhi , Thyrocare Mumbai , Thyrocare Pune , Thyrocare Hyderabad , Thyrocare Nagpur , Thyrocare Chennai , Thyrocare Bangalore , Thyrocare Kolkata, and many more cities 



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