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About our Terms:

These Terms and Conditions specified here govern to the site and related to it for all general users, register users and casual visitors. Kindly, carefully go through our Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy available at (www.plus100years.com/privacypolicy)before you access any of our services or products available on our website in any form.

The terms and conditions and privacy policy together form an “Agreement” between a user and the Plus100years.com community. Here is the list mentioned below for the Agreement applicable to the people and categories.

People who are applicable for the Agreement:

  • A medical practitioner or health care provider either working as an individual /team /hospital/organization /professional who is willing to be listed or already listed on our website.
  • A medical practitioner who has or who will share their designation, authorized associations, practitioners, Institution used by either a professional/ user/ individual.
  • A patient or their relatives or affiliates who can access the website services or finding the perfect Doctor for the consultation or treatment.
  • Any casual user or regular users who are willing to use our services.

Services which are applicable to the Agreement:

The services which are offered for FREE by the plus100years website to the users and other professionals include the following.

  • The specialist doctors who provide their basic details, contact details, and other profile which will be made available to the users to give a true perspective about a doctor.
  • A user/ patient who visits the website in search of the needed doctor their requirements or the people who register with us or the people who choose the right doctor for consultation by getting an online appointment.
  • To the people who are looking for the best doctor in Hyderabad or in their locality by choosing the best specialist doctor, adding a geographical location, service needed, or any other criteria provided in the website.
  • The services may change time-to-time as per the Plus100Years discretion. The agreement will apply to the visits a user does on the website to use any of the services or the information available on the website.
  • The agreement applies to the terms and conditions in which way we allow all the users to use the website, according to the way we treat the user while they register with us.
  • Any action like downloading, accessing, purchasing, subscription, etc. done on the website by any user, irreversibly accepting to all our terms and conditions without fail.
  • We have the right to either terminate or delete or modify or create any portion of agreement at any time. Any such changes will surely informed to each and every user in any of the written format.

Content Terms posted on the website:

  • User will be responsible to any type of published or transmitted content such as images, posts, profiles, opinions, ideas, notes, messages, emails, or any other material posted on the site.
  • These content will be considered as the Plus100Years property, and have all the rights to use it at any time or in any form.
  • Hence by agreeing terms and conditions, and privacy-policy, every user is accepting the content terms too, to use it by Plus100Years in any format.

Online Appointment Terms:

  • Plus100Years provided each user to connect with a practitioner in 2 ways:

                (a) Book an appointment online

                (b)Telephonic service to make an appointment for the number provided on the website.

  • We ensure appointment confirmation to every user.
  • Plus100Years is not responsible for cancellation or postpone of the appointment made by the practitioner.
  • When a user is using telephonic service, we have the right of sharing the user details or information.
  • Users are allowed to completely, genuinely provide feedback or review about the practitioner or the service they have received from that specialist doctor or hospital or organization.

Cancellation or Refund Terms:

  • Appointments can be cancelled by either practitioner or doctor or Plus100Years at any time, and the information is given to the user before time.
  • Refund can be provided only if any diet plans ordered but not written by the doctor or the purchased product is not delivered or canceled within 24 hours.
  • Refund is not available if the user booked an appointment and doesn’t meet them at the given time or failed to present at the appointment place.
  • We are not responsible for the cancellation of consultations made by the practitioner or hospital or organization.

Emergency Services Terms:

  • We do not provide any sort of Emergency services at any time. We do not allow for online appointments for emergency services as the timings will be constant.

Ownership and Copyright Terms:

  • The content posted on the website either by user or Plus100years or practitioner can be collected by Plus100Years either directly or indirectly in any form.
  • Trying to copy or copied the Plus100Years content for any sort of profits, earnings, commercial use or personal use will be considered as the Violation of the Copyrights.
  • User shall not be modified or terminate any content present on the website without intimating Plus100Years. In such case write to us, so that we help you in a needful way.

Terms of Services:

Reporting Conditions:

  • The reports are valid for the respective referred Doctors only. The interpretation of the reporting information is purely for the patient’s purpose. 
  • It will be assumed test performed of an individual belongs to the patient enrolled and identified.
  • The test results may vary from laboratory to laboratory and can have a fraction of parameter differences for various time durations of the same patients.
  • AS per the reports Doctors identify and confirm the abnormalities and other health issues of the patient.
  • Test results are interpreted by the professionals who are well-versed with reporting methods, units, reference ranges, technology limitations, and are capable of guiding the patient competently.
  • These reports are not valid for medico-legal purposes.
  • Neither plus100years.com nor Thyrocare representatives or employees are responsible for any liabilities, report contents, loss or damage of the person reports.


  • Majority of the patients processed in Thyrocare laboratory are usually collected by Hospitals and Pathologists which we refer to as “Clients.”

The following terms are usually visible on the Reports for detailed understanding for both patient and Doctor.

  • Name : Name of the patient or the respective specimen’s guardian.
  • Ref. Dr.: Doctors name recommend for the tests, as per the client’s declaration.
  • Lab Code: It is our laboratory accession number which helps in archiving or retrieving reports.
  • Bar Code: It is the specimen’s identity number which confirms the patient’s reports at any time bearing the barcode.
  • SCP: Specimen Collection Point (SCP) – It is the location of collecting blood samples or specimen as per the client’s request.
  • SCT: Specimen Collection Time (SCT) – It is the recommended time to collect the specimen.
  • SRT: Specimen Receiving Time (SRT) – It is the arrival time of the specimen at the laboratory location.
  • RRT: Report Releasing Time (RRT) – It is the report releasing time by the pathologists for the conducted tests
  • Reference Range: The value ranges posted in the reports where approximately 95% of the population falls into the indicated range.

Our suggestions:

  • Reconfirm the range values if they are exceeding the reference ranges before starting any medical treatments.
  • Make sure to re-test if any outcomes are abnormal or quality shortcomings.
  • Choose accredited laboratories for re-tests or other necessary tests.
  • For any such grievances, call Thyrocare@ 022-30900000 or write email @aarogyam@thyrocare.com.

Cancellations and Refund Policy:

Wellness.thyrocare.com is our online booking partner providing various facilities for our valuable customers who are willing to avail services by making payments for various services at Thyrocare Technologies Limited through Elkoochi healthcare technology PVT ltd. Here we are enlisted with refund policies for any sort of order cancellations for various phases of cancellation:

1. Samples collected but not processed:

  • Refund will be provided for cancelling the order, ones the payment is processed. Refund is provided after debiting the handling charges of Rs.200 or Rs.300.
  • If there are any pre-analytical or transportation issues, Thyrocare team will provide a100% refund for our customers.

2. Samples Collected, Processed, and Reported Successfully:

In this scenario, we don’t hold any refund policies or cancellation process. As the order is completed without any hurdles, the customer cannot claim either refund or cancellation amount.

3. Samples collected, Processed but canceled due to Laboratory technical reasons:

This refund policy arises when the reports are missed or not processed due to various technical reasons occurred in the laboratory.

  • If the patient denies for re-testing, a refund is applicable within 60 days only when the account details are provided like Account number, IFSC code, Account holder name, Bank and Branch, etc.)
  • Generally, it takes 7 to 10 working days for the amount to be credited in the provided bank account.