• Top 5 Healthy Mango Recipes to Make Your Summer More Delicious
    May 7, 2017

    Summer is the season of mangoes. Mangoes are rich in Vitamins, Calcium, Proteins and other need minerals to the body. Here are the top Healthy mango recipes which are tasty too.

    There is a variety of mangoes available depending on the geographical region with many amazing health benefits. These Healthy mango recipes can be made with any variety of mangoes.

    Healthy Mango Recipes


    Top 5 Healthy Mango Recipes:

    These healthy mango recipes are easy to prepare and need minimal ingredients which are available easily in your kitchen. These healthy mango recipes can be stored for some time and eaten in any forms. These are purely vegetarian recipes and made with mangoes and organic, natural ingredients. No need of adding any preservatives or artificial ingredients.

    1.Mango mousse:


    • Mangoes
    • Low fat or whipping cream
    • Dry fruits


    • Take 2 mangoes and chop finely.
    • Take ½ cup of cream
    • Chop dry fruits or any fresh preserved fruits or chocolate grate


    • Blend mangoes till it turns into smooth mixture.
    • Take a bowl and add cream in it.
    • With the help of beater (you can use electric beater / whip manually) and beat the cream till it becomes fluffy and soft.
    • Now, add the mango pure to the cream and mix it well.
    • Add mango mousse in a glass and chill this mixture for 20-30 min before you serve.
    • Add grated dry fruits or chocolates as per the need and serve.

     2.Mango Kulfi:


    Mango Kulfi Healthy Mango Recipes

    Mango Kulfi

    • Milk
    • Mangoes
    • Cardamom
    • Saffron
    • Almond paste
    • Pistachios (pista)
    • Rice flour or Corn flour


    • Take 3 cups of cow milk / almond milk / regular milk
    • Make 2.5 cups of mango puree
    • Take ½ cup of sugar depending on the mango sweetness and your sweet requirements
    • ¼ spoon of cardamom powder
    • Take 15 pistachios and soak, peel and slice them into small pieces.
    • Make 2-3 tablespoons of almond paste.
    • 3 spoons of rice flour or corn flour and dissolve in milk


    • Take a pan, lit the stove and keep in low flame
    • Add saffron and almond milk into the pan
    • No need of boiling almond milk, wait till milk gets gentle heat
    • If using cow milk or regular milk, keep the milk on heat for 15-20 min
    • Add sugar to the milk and stir till it dissolves
    • Add the dissolved rice or corn flour paste to the milk
    • Cook till the mixture thickens in low flame.
    • Ones the mixture turns into thick paste turn off the flame
    • Add almond paste and stir it. Keep it a side till it gets cool
    • Add mango puree, chopped pistas and mix well
    • Pour this mixture into kulfi bowl and free for at least 8-10 hours
    • You can even add rose syrup, saffron or pista powder while serving.

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    3.Mango Shrikhand:


    Mango Shrikhand

    • Yogurt or curd
    • Mangoes
    • Green cardamoms
    • Saffron strands
    • Sugar


    • 4 cups of curd
    • Chop mangoes and blend it to smooth puree
    • Crush 4-5 cardamoms or take cardamom powder
    • Sugar as per requirements


    • Hung curd in kitchen cloth or cheese cloth for 3-4 hours
    • Blend curd hung with cardamom, saffron and sugar.
    • This mixture turns into a fine shrikhand
    • Pour shrikhand in serving bowls and chill it for some time.
    • This can be served with poori / chapathi or can have directly.

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    4.Mango almond smoothie:


    Mango almond smoothie

    • Alphonso Mangoes
    • Almonds
    • Cardamom
    • Sugar
    • Ice Cubes
    • Mint Leaves – optional


    • Peel and Chop the mangoes into smaller size
    • Make cardamom paste
    • Soak 15-20 almonds for 1 hour and keep aside


    • Take a blender and add chopped mangoes, almonds, sugar, ice cubes
    • Blend it to a smooth and soft mixture
    • Pour this smoothie in a glass or serving bowl
    • Add mint leaves and chill for some time
    • You can even add few chopped mangoes on the top

    5.Aam ka murabba:


    • Mangoes
    • Sugar
    • Cardamoms
    • Cloves
    • Saffron


    • You can take 2 raw mangoes, and 1 mango
    • Make a powder or cardamoms and cloves
    • Take organic cane sugar powder or normal sugar as required.


    • Clean the mangoes thoroughly and let them dry
    • Peel the skin of the mangoes
    • Grate the mangoes
    • Take a pan and keep it in low flame.
    • Add grated mangoes, sugar and stir the mixture till sugar dissolves and forms a thick paste
    • Stir and cook till the mixture turns to a fine murabba with thick sticky look.
    • Add cardamom and cloves powder, saffron and mix well
    • Turn off the flame and cool the murabba completely.
    • Store this into a glass jar and have as a side dish / as you needed.

    Try these healthy mango recipes in this summer season to make your summer vacation more joyful with these cool recipes. The listed Healthy mango recipes provide good energy and keep you cool.

    Eat Healthy! Drink Healthy! Stay Healthy!

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