Candidate Requirement 

Specialty : Cardiologist

Experience:  1 – 3 years

Qualification:  Post Graduate with Master of Medical Education (MD DM cardiology)

Preferred Resume Format:  MS-Word

Job Location:  Dombivli, Maharashtra

Job Description:  Cardiologist responsibilities are many but one of the most important one is providing the best possible care to the patients. To hold this position the cardiologist must be dedicated and willing to continue his education so he can stay current with new technologies and medicines in order to provide patients with the best options for them individually. They need to have extensive knowledge of modern equipment and medications used to treat heart diseases.

Cardiologist responsibilities begin with examining the patient and running the test needed to determine the exact cause of the problems the patient is experiencing. Some of the test the cardiologist will be responsible for running and knowing how to read accurately include the ECG or EKG, chest X-rays, ultrasound imaging and magnetic resonance imaging. They will also need to know which blood test to order to check for certain types of heart diseases.

Part of the cardiologist responsibilities revolve around finding the best treatment for the patient. Everyone is different and must be treated as individuals even when they suffer from the same medical condition. He may need to prescribe medication that can help the patient improve. On the other hand, he may need to tell the patient that surgery is the best approach to help him improve. It’s their responsibility to make this call and do what’s best for the patient.

Functional Area:  Healthcare/Medicine/Nursing

Before any medications are given or any surgeries take place, the cardiologist is responsible for explaining to the patient why his recommendation is needed and how it can help. He will also need to discuss the steps to creating and maintaining a healthy heart with patients. Education is a key factor in helping the patient help himself.

Part of the cardiologist responsibilities revolve around doing invasive testing such as catherization, coronary angiography or coronary arteriography that requires precision and a skilled hand. The cardiologist is responsible for knowing how to perform these tests without making a mistake that can harm the patient. He must master the concepts and all principles associated with the human heart and illnesses that can affect it.

Asian Institute of Medical Science, is a center of excellence in health care. The Institute is also involved in research medical & paramedical Education. Our objective has always been to provide a comprehensive health care services at par with international standards. The institute has addressed the problem of inadequate health care infrastructure for the people in surrounding areas by launching this hospital in the central suburb Dombivli. High quality of medical services at AIMS is evident with its highly qualified doctors, medical services of high caliber, state of art infrastructure, modern age technology & efficient allied services. We aim to align such facilities with humanity, integrity and care making it available for every kind of individual. 100 beds super specialty Hospital having AIMS CANCER CARE AND HEART CARE CENTER for comprehensive care. Multi-specialty facilities under one roof is the specialties. Empanelment with TPA and corporate including ESIC, CGHS Jeevandai and Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandai etc.

Hospital Address :

Dombivli, Maharashtra
India 421203
Phone: 0251-2475000

Fax: 0251-2475003