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Lead generation formula for Doctors is a Health Tips and wellness platform for General users and healthcare
professionals(Doctors , Dietitians & Physiotherapists)

Users can book the Appointment of a Dr, Dietitian, and Physiotherapist from plus100years is experienced in generating leads for healthcare professionals with its
healthcare & wellbeing tips.

Doctors can get appointments from our Innovative listing ideas, and we use 9 amazing strategies

So, list your services and get these advantages.

Doctors can list their services here to get good leads, same time they can save money spending on marketing their services

You do not need any software or App, You get direct calls from patients to
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13 Benefits For Doctors 

Our successful strategy gives the best business to your clinic

  1. We list  your  services  with international standards 
  2. You get a free personalized webpage for your clinic, we update it regularly as per the 
    latest standards and we do modifications as per your requirements.
  3. We do very high-level SEO on your profile 
  4. We give 4  banner ads on our most traffic-generated health articles.
  5. Your ads will be live 24/7 and 365 days.
  6. We regularly promote your clinic services on social media and other  important
  7. We give High preference to your profile for search engines
  8. We list  your clinic on the Google My Business page, 
    and Bing My Business page then we manage it 
  9. We provide  Quality Awards to your clinic from
  10. We shoot your videos and post them on our YouTube channel.
  11. We are experts in Healthcare SEO.
  12. We promote your events
  13. We send work status reports every month 
Duration of all serveices 12 months, and  24/7

How we save your money and improve your business?

Maintaining a separate digital marketing team and website gives more pain and more money ..
But with our formula, you can save your money and time.

Don't miss these advantages by listing here 
  • Your hospital may see Google's 1st page
  • You get good leads 
  • No need for any software and no need to pay the referral amount
  • You do not need any separate digital marketing team
  • Saves your money and you get more business.
  • Every lead reaches you via WhatsApp or a Mobile Number
  • Every month's Status reports 
  • Less cost more business 
  • Free banner ads along with a free webpage with fully SEO-optimized 

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