Macrotyloma uniflorum is one of the lesser known beans. The whole seeds of horse gram are generally utilized as cattle feed. However, it is consumed as a whole seed, as sprouts, or as a whole meal in India, popular, especially in southern Indian states.

Health Benefits of Horse Gram:

Common Name Horse Gram
Hindi Name Harsa Grama
Gujarati Name Kadthi ni dal
Telugu Name Ulavalu
Health benefits
  • Hyperglycemic disorder is properly controlled with the consumption of horse gram.
  • Glycemic index of horse gram is low and boosts up people to control their obesity for better health. 
  • High blood pressure is managed by choosing horse gram.
  • Healthcare consultants advise people to have horse gram to wipe problems like renal disorders and high cholesterol.
  • Horse gram is required in sufficient amount for recovering physical wellness. 

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